The Ever Sure Appeal of the Quintessential Wrap Dress

Oct 14, 2017 | Fashion

It’s another weekend and the perfect time to have happy times whilst going about your regular weekend activities. Wouldn’t it be an absolutely great weekend if we had really happy times and felt absolutely great all through?Well, it is really our choice.It begins with a determination to stay happy regardless of what the weekend may throw you.

I have the power to speak into my weekend how I want it to go and so do you. This weekend, I am going to have a truly amazing time, surround myself with people I love, stay positive at heart and do all the things in my power to ensure I am without anxiety or sadness.

One of the things I know for sure, amps up our feel good hormones, is looking good.Looking great has the added benefit of lifting our spirits and putting us in overall great form. A great way to start the weekend on the right note, no? This weekend,  let us all play a game! We shall all take an extra minute or two to make a little bit of an effort with our appearances. It would get us feeling great about ourselves. May I also suggest a fail safe silhouette for almost every body type and all age groups? “THE WRAP DRESS


Wrap dresses are such a feminine silhouette and add a great elegance to our entire silhouette. There is a wrap dress for every style, figure and age and it is always such a winner! I am dressed in a wrap dress available in store and by Alter Ego. It is such a gorgeous peach colour and has interesting sleeves that mimic an Agbada. Such a pretty dress and the perfect piece to start your weekend off on a high note.

Do you live in Lagos? You can stop by and browse our versions of the wrap dress available in different sizes in the store. We also ship worldwide. Or you could also whip out your version of the wrap dress from your wardrobe and style it to perfection for a truly beautiful day! Or a top and sarong skirt? It would mimic a wrap silhouette and give you that extra kick in your strides. Whip out some pretty lip colour and sail through the weekend happily!


Have a rollicking weekend all!!

…be a little kinder than you would be usually…

Kindness never grows old..




Ezinne Chinkata


Zinkata: +234 9090404886


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