…Every little Lie Counts…

May 19, 2016 | Fashion

I quite often visit my dearest friend Fife Aiyesimoju. Fify’s house has two entrances;

a. A gate  that “strictly and solely” admits the guests of a hotel not too far from her house. This gate is the easiest way for me to get to hers from mine’s by far!

b. The second gate used by the rest of the residents of her estate. This entrance is a bit more drawn out and I would have to take a much longer route from mine’s.

Usually, I drive to the other gate for the hotel guests, look the guard dead in the eye and with a straight face say to him “I am going to the hotel”. In I get into the estate, with a little sneaky smile and a feeling of triumph.

…..I have done this countless times, unfortunately….

Knowing what I know now, here is how I would handle this scenario next time:

a. Drive to the hotel entrance..if I realy can’t bear to take the longer route, smile prettily at the guard and tell the truth about my destination.. and hope ever so earnestly that it gets me a pass.

and if all else fails

b. Drive straight to the approved entrance and go on my merry way.

Often times, in life, we take the short-cut, tell a little lie to make things work out better for us and assume we are doing no wrong. The truth about it is, every little lie counts and we may just be jeopardising our blessings by telling unesscesssary lies. I shall give some very common examples:

a. You are on a diet. You are not supposed to cheat on a meal. You swear you wouldn’t and you do. Then you lie to your dietician, insisting you stuck through with the diet.

b. You buy a new dress. It is outrageously expensive; you slash the price in half and lie to your husband that the doctored figure is the actual price.

c. Bigger lies: You lie about your job experience on your Cv.

..and on and on.. we go,  telling little lies and in some cases big ones. We need to stop.The more little lies we tell, the more de-sensitised we are about the implications and the farther we go in our lying ways.

The truth should be the only option.


A liar caught-out is actually never a pretty sight but that is not the main focus here. We should not lie because we owe it to ourselves to be the best possible version of ourselves.

“We should strive to live on the straight and narrow at all costs.

Most times, we feel “lying” may avert an even bigger disaster and take the cowardly way out. We should always be ready to own up to any action we take; good or bad, learn from it and any repercussions that may or may not come from it..

… Do I sound preachy?? I certainly hope not..




Ezinne Chinkata


Image Credit: http://www.whatchristianswanttoknow.com/is-there-ever-a-reason-for-christians-to-tell-a-lie/

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