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May 30, 2014 | Fashion, WIWT

Hello everybody!

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Todays post is dedicated to the ‘special dresses” in our wardrobes we have worn just once.This happens to a lot of clothes we wear to special occassions. What a waste!! Is anyone in agreement with me here?? Of course we should wear our clothes again.. and err, no! It must not be to another special occasion. Why not wear it just on an ordinary day. You are special enough to look awesome everyday.. Yes..but perhaps not your 10year old wedding dress to the grocery store..

I have this long black dress I got Custom made for me by Nigerian Designer Meena. I have worn it once to a black tie event . Ever since, it has been hanging quite lonesomely in my closet. It is quite a structured maxi with a totally adorable neckline. I teamed it with a Black bejewelled Jasper Conran Beret.


I have a huge thing for head gears, particularly Berets. i find that they add a cute fun twist to an outfit, and sort of gives it a timeless feel. In this case, my beret felt so right!




I opted for black chunky gladiator type Sophia Kokosalaki sandals from Asos. I love these shoes… They are not particularly feminine or too blingy. They made the dress even more daytime and also sort of gave the outfit a rock-chic feel… 

Tip 1: Tone down a really grandiose dress with daytime accessories and a casual bag and wear it easily!! Waste Not! Recycle Please..

Photography: Kola Oshalusi

Dress: Meena

Beret: Jasper Conran

Shoes: Asos

Have a truly blissful weekend..

Please write in..


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