Fashion 101: Models and Choices

Oct 18, 2017 | Fashion

Fashion 101: Models and Choices

Alek Wek

Models are such an integral part of the fashion industry. Casting the right model for an editorial or lookbook can be the right step for a fantastic season for that brand or it can go terribly wrong.With fashion week around the corner, we are smack in the middle of one of the busiest times for the Models and a great time to discuss the role a model has in the fashion Industry.

Kendal Jenner

Models are the first point of contact a consumer has with the message you are trying to send across to the market. The right model would help sell out your pieces long before they hit the stalls. They can create a demand, they can influence a style direction and they are overall a very integral part of the creative chain. We should never discount this. and we should go about casting models very carefully and with a great grasp of what we wish to achieve.

Claudia Schiffer

 How do you know which model is right for you??

This is the hardest question to answer. In my journey as a Stylist and Fashion Editor of magazines, I was often faced with the choice of choosing from a bank of models from the modelling agencies for our editorial, for a lookbook, for an advertorial and the list goes on. With time and experience, I came to understand the importance having the right model for each project was.

Mayowa Nicholas

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before choosing a model:

1.Who are you targeting

2.What is the theme of the shoot

3.What is the style of your clothes

4.what sort of figure does the model need to have to compliment the pieces


These as well as other factors should lead you to picking out the right model for your shoot.


Kate Moss

Once you are clear on these, you can move forward and cast the right models for your shoot.It also really helps if the model is experienced and has a fair idea on what you are trying to achieve and is comfortable to manipulate her skills to create believable images.

In the Nigerian fashion industry, the models are not always as experienced as we would like them to be. From my experience, this can be quite a challenge but one we can conquer through patience and being tolerant as well as kind and guiding gently to achieve what you would like to get from the collaboration.


Here are tips for making the best of the models you have available


  1. Give them pictorial references to mimick
  2. Smile and be patient and compliment them
  3. Direct their poses and make sure the pieces are shown to the best potential
  4. Take your time to create exactly the illusion and image you want (Hair, make-up, props) etc

Naomi Campbell

and you are well on your way to a flawless casting/collaboration with a model!!




Ezinne Chinkata



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