Finding Reasons to be Grateful: Super Important

Jun 19, 2016 | Fashion

Most times, dissatisfaction with ones current status or situation is a result of not being happy with where you are at a particular time and wishing for more.

Here is where it gets tricky; There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting more out of life at every single moment..And pushing ourselves to be better than we were yesterday.

What is actually wrong, is to be unhappy with your current status as you strive to improve upon it! Yep! That is where gratitude comes to play . Being grateful for every second you live in makes for a more joyful existence.

I preach gratitude super often on this forum as I feel it is the remedy for a lot of ills and the best way to move forward in life with the right positive vibes. I for example can be prone to melancholy and down times.A lot of times, it stems from thinking about things I want as opposed to planning for them while staying super excited and grateful for where I am.

Stay happy  and grateful folks. Count your blessings.. Be grateful and thankful for them and watch them multiply.I shall give you 2 examples of where I practiced gratitude and positive thinking recently. It is so mundane and silly yet it made such a difference.

A. Last night I was super exhausted and ready to sleep but sleep sort of eluded me. Whilst lying down and wishing for sleep’s sweet oblivion, a pesky mosquito became a major problem. There it was buzzing assiduously by my earlobes and eluding me totally when I tried to sort of catch it. I was super bummed. It was too late in the night to whip out the insecticide, as that would mean me vacating the room for a while. All of a weird sudden minute, a random thought came into my mind and I smiled sheepishly in the dark cosy room. it went as follows: “This mosquito is such a nuisance and that noise it’s making is driving me really crazy.However, I am very grateful to have such great ears. I started smiling and being thankful for good health etc.. and that was it. The mosquito was no more a problem and I slept off in no time!

B. On Friday morning, I mistakenly (obviously) spilled coffee on my MacBook Pro.!! Devastating! My laptop is super glued to me almost all the time! I do all my posts etc etc etc etc and much more on it. It is absolutely still not coming on yet! I was bummed! Super bummed! Yet, I managed to stay calm and thankful. I shall fix it. It shall come on and if it doesn’t, I will post via my phone, as I am literally doing now! I am thankful for the gift of putting my thoughts, images and ideas into a medium such as this and communicating to you all. That in itself is absolutely enough and everything else would be fine and work itself out.

Are you grateful? Do you find gratitude in every single situation? It is not always an easy state of mind to be in.But practice makes it easier . Be grateful and watch your life take leaps of joy and peace and progress!


Have a blessed Sunday all..

All the best with life’s ever changing flows!


Ezinne Chinkata


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