Finding your Rainbow in a Dark Alley

Aug 14, 2016 | Fashion

“Dark alley” here is referring to when things are not exactly as we wish them to be or when we are in a “seemingly not so pleasant” place/circumstance. Mine happened this morning. I shall tell you all about it.

I walked out of church and made a mental note of the overcast shadows in the sky. It was drizzling very lightly as I walked briskly to my car, keys firmly in hand. I pressed the unlock button of my Car keys and nothing happened. Ten abortive trials later, I came to the uneasy realization that I was about to have a bit of a dramatic morning. My car keys if I may confess were in  poor shape, and I had been meaning to get them fixed. Too Little too late : ” Outside on a slightly drizzly morning”.

I whipped my phone instantly from my bag and navigated briskly to the Uber app:  “In 11 minutes”  for the nearest available car it read. I made a snap decision not to be flustered by the current situation and to find a swift solution. I looked up immediately and noticed a really nice looking lady going into her car. I remembered clocking into her Red Ankara fabric during the service and approving of it in my head. I mini jogged urgently to her car and asked her ever so kindly to give me a ride out of the church premises and hopefully to the nearest taxi park.

The very kind lady smiled ever so graciously and offered to drop me right in-front of my  house gate. During the drive, I had a really delightful, inspiring as well as insightful conversation with her. It dawned on me that meeting her was most probably divine and the conversations we had in her car was exactly what I needed at that point.

Ensconced warmly at home, I thought further about it and it dawned on me that this is the case with various scenarios in our lives. In every situation,  there is a lesson to be learnt and your attitude whilst in the situation determines your success or whether you will locate the silver lining or not. My situation this morning could have ended entirely differently. I could have kept pressing frantically at my keys, getting super agitated and being a major drama queen about the whole situation. Instead, I took a calm decision not to let the situation offset my morning and very swiftly looked towards a solution which ended up pointing me in the exact direction I needed through our conversations.

Dark alleys would happen often. Sadly, that is the nature of the life we live in. Knowing how to handle them is key. It is never really that easy but it could be much easier if we practiced positive thinking and actions irrespective of our circumstances. Also, the dark alleys may seem dark to you but in actual fact they are exactly what you need for development, growth and lessons,  which eventually leads to the final prize!

Have an awesome week all!!

.. and may you be filled with gorgeous rainbows throughout the week!!


Ezinne Chinkata


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