First Essential: A Black Dress

Oct 10, 2016 | Beauty, Fashion

In Strict fashion terms, ‘The Little Black Dress” . It is the one garment that stays eternally stylish. The “LBD” is purported to have originated from the 1920’s from the designs of Coco Chanel and has reigned supreme thenceforth.In my opinion, every functional wardrobe, should as part of it’s capsule essential own a great fitting black dress. The length is relative.

In Nigeria, we are a bit more modest in our dress lengths. Really short lengths are vastly frowned upon by a majority of the population and not quite appropriate in a lot of locations/occasions. Bearing this in mind, I would say the little black dress in this case, could be a knee length dress with a spectacular fit. It varies for women of different races and ages.

Simply put: Every woman should have a very nice black dress in her wardrobe for a myriad of reasons:

  1. Black is a flattering colour on all skin types. Some may argue otherwise, but with the right make-up/accessories, a black garment would suit anyone.
  2. A black dress is suitable for almost every function. It is a very versatile piece: Work, parties, Meetings, Dates, Weddings, Funerals etc. The key is to team it with the right make-up and accompaniments to suit it’s purpose for the day planned.
  3.  Black is flattering on all body types. It masks what you would like to and flatters the areas your are most comfortable flaunting.
  4. It is a universal colour and never goes out of fashion.
  5. It’s colour is solemn enough to fit an older demographic whilst being classic enough to work for all ages

A well-cut black dress is really the most important item in every discerning woman’s wardrobe and would save you from a lot of hairy wardrobe situations.

Pictured above, I am wearing a little Black Dress by FIA. It is a bit  unconventional but my own version of an LBD. I am quite comfortable with this length but also quite aware that some of us may not be. Depending on the situation, I could dress it up or down. With flat shoes or even with pants underneath..

Find the right black dress length and cut for your figure and invest in one. Tuck it neatly away  in your wardrobe as part of your capsule wardrobe essentials..

More photos below:


img_0521 img_0519 img_0518 img_0547


Please click in tomorrow for the next essential for a capsule wardrobe collection.

NB: The black dress in this post stocks at Zinkata in different sizes.



Ezinne Chinkata

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