For the Single Belles; and also some married ones too

Jun 14, 2016 | Fashion

Today was such a hectic day  at work.It was mind numbingly hectic! I juggled so many tasks, needed to focus completely to make really important decisions, intense brain-work, drove in mind numbing traffic and got home this evening  beyond exhausted. I was so tired and hungry and beat and…” I am still searching for the right adjective to describe how I felt at the time”.

I was so fatigued and surprisingly emotional.I must admit to being in a bit of a delicate emotional state. At that moment, a random thought popped into my head.  It went as follows; “All I need right now is a kind voice and calming soothing, company“..

Another thought crossed my mind.. “what if I was coupled up and I came home to a nagging partner??” or came home to a very strained atmosphere! I promise, with how I felt earlier this evening, it would have been a fatal collision or I would be borderline suicidal, if I had encountered any more stress as I got home. Or what if I had such a stressful day at work and I dreaded going home because I knew there would be even much more stress at home. I would most probably have detoured to a little nice spot and stayed on to unwind etc..

and I had a light bulb moment that led to a confession.I muttered to myself while crossing my chest;  “I shall not be a nagging wife”. Oh no!, the thing is, I am quite a vocal person and very outspoken about my feelings. I imagined my beloved back from work, feeling just how I felt and I laying it right into him in all my nagging glory.

As opposed to a kind, sympathetic voice and handling issues with kids gloves . This is how we should be to our partners, no?? Are there any married ladies in the house?? Do I write in the blissful naiveté of one that has never been married? I have also heard most Marriage counsellors advising on making your home conducive for your partner so he/she looks forward to coming home with excitement rather than dreading coming home.

….so many thoughts I pondered upon.. but one word kept resounding in my head and I thought to share with us all..

“Kindness makes the world go round a lot nicer. Speak kindly, offer comfort kindly, smile kindly, listen kindly, respond kindly and all would be absolutely well with the world. or at the very least do your kindly part!


Have a blissful night’s rest all..

Yours never to be a nagging wife (hopefully),

Ezinne Chinkata

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