For the Working ladies: Getting multiple use off your Suits..

Nov 6, 2014 | Fashion, Features

Fashion pieces should serve multiple purposes. We should be able to wear the pieces in our wardrobe as often as we can.. and for a wide variety of purposes.. Waste not.. Get innovative.. Revamp/Recycle your pieces.. Stuck?? Ask for help..

Today’s post is dedicated to the working lady.. Do you have a wardrobe full of suits and wear them only on work days?? Did you just quit your job and are working in a not so formal environment… and stuck with suits you don’t know what to  do with??

Oh dear ladies… this should not be!!! How do we make it work??

My focus for todays post is on Pants/Trouser suits..Trouser suits are great and look awesome in the office. They are also very easy to transcend from work to a less formal setting..


1.You can wear the pants alone with a vest tucked in with heels and you already have a totally new outfit.. The great thing about trouser suits is..the fabric of the pants are always pretty cool.. so you are quite ready to go..

2. Smart accessorising… You can switch up the look of your suit jacket by putting a nice brooch on it.. or even wearing a really chunky neckpiece with the camisole/top  and you are well on your way to an event of your choice.

3. Easiest tip …Roll up the sleeves of your suit and amp up your face with a bright lippy and you automatically look carefree and super cool.

4.Wear your suit jacket over a skimpy dress, a sleeveles/strapless dress or even separates, a top and denim skirt perhaps?? Sometimes a jacket/suitjacket is just the right piece you need for an outfit.

5.Final tip.. Wear your trouser suit with a funky tshirt and running shoes/ brogues /loafers or heels and be as cool as they come… I did just that with my Berry Red suit..

trouser suit 6 Trousers 1 Trouser suit 3 Trouser suit 2


Have a blessed Thursday all.. and allow your clothes bring you JOY..




Ezinne Chinkata

Trouser Suit: Reiss






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