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Elizabeth Aisien


This week’s Friday Column sets the spotlight on The Elite Model LookNigeria run by Elizabeth(Elohor) Aisien. Ten years ago, Elohor took a bold move and brought the Elite Model Look Franchise to Nigeria. At the time, modelling was still quite at it’s infancy, with no set structure or truly experienced hands. Elohor identified the gap,and set about boldly  portraying beauty as is it in Nigeria, out to the global scene proudly. It was quite a tall order but one she doggedly set her heart on, setting her sights firmly on the budding models and grooming them year after year to be part of what has become a wildly successful agency.

Elohor has through dogged determination and consistent hard work made huge steps in the modelling industry. Nigerian models are currently now a part of conversations at the global stage, re-directing the attention to Africa and Nigeria and indirectly leading to the appreciation and renewed respect in Africa as a culture. A resultant effect of this and so much more, has led to the continent’s current state of affairs;  “Africa Rising”.  Elizabeth Aisien is indeed worthy to be celebrated and we are beyond pleased to bring you her brief  yet truly insightful interview on today’s Friday Column.

Ezinne Chinkata: Congratulations on your 10th year anniversary. Give us a brief rundown of your journey till date.Pls feel free to edit .
Elohor Aisien: Thank you very much Zinkata. I must say, it has been a very bitter sweet experience, but above all God has been faithful and we are truly grateful to Him for the progress made in just a decade. Elite started in 2008 and if anyone told me that in 10 years I will still be doing this I would have had the laugh of my life because there were more bad days than good but it has all worked together for good. I started this as a result of the passion I have for modeling. In 10 years, we have discovered outstanding models whether international or home-based models. Above all, it has been successful. And as I rightly said, I owe it all to God.

Mayowa Nicholas (Elite Model Look Winner 2014) for Calvin Klein


Ezinne Chinkata:What do you look out for in a new face?

Elohor Aisien: Well, you can’t really say what you look out for in the face of a model but then in a model generally, I look out for height (F-5.8 and above, M-5.10 and above), good skin, a well constructed face and a well defined figure.  Well I can’t really say what I look out for but as fingerprints are different so also are faces. You’ll know when you see a striking face.

Ezinne Chinkata: What was the major break-through moment for you over the last 10 years?

Elohor Aisien: It was the 2016 Elite model look world finals in Lisbon when I was told that Davidson (who was the winner of the EMLN that year) had won the world finals, till today I look back at that particular moment and I am still in awe, mind you- he was the first black model to win after 32 years.

L-R: Jana Tvrdikova and Davidson Obennebo winners of the Elite Model World 2016

E.C: What is the marked difference in the business of fashion and models today in Nigeria as opposed to 10 years ago?E.A: I’d say the simplicity in poses, the demand for black modes has increased. There is more diversity in the modeling world unlike before where it was mostly white supremacy.


E.C:What is the one misconception you wish could be addressed about models?

E.A:Please, models do not starve themeselves, that’s one thing people think. And secondly, being slender doesn’t mean you are automatically cut out to be a model.


E.C: the biggest lesson the last 10 years running the franchise has taught you?

E.A: Haha, let’s just say that I am still learning a lot of lessons. But if I must say, the greatest lesson I’ve learned in ten years is to never rush into anything. Be patient because nothing good comes easy.

Tobi Momoh and Stephen Aladenika (Winners Elie Model Look 2017)


E.C:What’s next for Elite models?.

E.A:We are taking over the world, and doing that with no apologies!


E.C: Any parting words for the aspiring business owner about to start off on her own?

E.A:I will say this, and it is important; START. You might be discouraged and all that, things might be rough at the beginning, but hard work never goes to waste and I am a living proof of that philosophy. Above all, always run to God before maN.


Elite Model Look Nigeria: Instagram: @elitemodellooknigeria Tel:+234 803 327 8752


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