Jun 24, 2016 | Fashion

Intriguing!! Is the best way to describe Gozel Green’s recent collection titled ” Band of Guerilla’s. Right from the very first image, you can tell this collection holds much more than the gorgeous clothes on the beautiful model. There’s a message in her eyes and a purpose to her stance, which fuses in perfect harmony with the slightly androgynous pieces featuring the brand’s signature utilitarian vibes.

Dark hues  with the occasional white accents were the dominant colours with injections of their signature greens. Band of Guerilla’s sees Gozel Green exploring a starker aesthetic as compared to their usual rich hues yet with an underlying delicate femininity!! We absolutely love it! Thanks Gozel Green!,  for triggering off our inner warrior princess.

Gozel Green: “A BAND OF GUERILLAS assumes a cause for gender action! An action that only transcends into a reality that speaks nothing but freedom. The freedom to choose and not to choose!

With her small fist, her tender smiles and provocative gesture…the woman fights hard for that freedom and individuality!

This collection presents silhouettes that are masculine yet feminine. From the detailed pocket squares to the boxing pockets…it encourages women to embrace their feminity” ~ #GOZELGREEN.

See Photos below:

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FullSizeRender-7 copy 9

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Photography: @victoriabakerphotography, Fashion/Art Director: @laurainebailey Makeup: Samantha Arbonne @instasam000
Skincare Consultant: @xalyshaax
Model: @_kierharris
Model Scout: @sylviaenekwe, Location Manager: @jasperlawal Furniture/ Props staging: @weareerauk
Location: @scholemoore_lodge’. #ABandOfGuerillas

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