Great & Practical Tips for Staying Happy This Festive Season

Dec 19, 2018 | Fashion

Hello all!!

What’s your plan for staying happy this season? Here are some of my “not so expert” tips.. However, it works for me and I can only hope it makes a little difference in someone’s life.

1: Be really kind to people and go massively out of your way to put a smile on people’s faces! Good deeds elevates the recipients spirit as well as the doers’ as well.

2. Think Happy thoughts! Always! Cast the bad thoughts away.

3. Wake up and count all your blessings, breathe in and smile. Pick 5 things your are grateful for and surround your soul with feelings of gratitude.

4. Cast all judgement aside! Accept people and their differences and love them just as they are!

5. Feed your spirit. Align with your maker constantly.

6. Look good always! Wear happy clothes! Pull out outfits that excite you and wear them! Wear exciting lipstick!

7. Immerse yourself in activities, thoughts and things that make you happy!

If all else fails and you still manage to have a shitty moment or two during this season,  Stay calm and be sure that it will pass!

Surround yourself with great people and dare to party like it’s 1999!


I am dressed in my own version of happy clothing in this gorgeous boiler suit I scored from Zinkata and by Nkwo. It put me in an a groovy, happy mood!

Stay Happy!


Ezinne Chinkata

Photography: Kola Oshalusi

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