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14 thoughts on “My Hair Length is Enough: Oh yes it is!

  1. LynnVille says:

    Your hair is lovely… and Yes, the length is okay.

  2. Adaeze Alilonu says:

    I know I’m not the only who reads these greatly insightful topics by Zinkata. I decided today to begin dropping comments everytime I read. I love my hair, with or without the weaves.

    1. Yay! Thanks Adaeze! You certainly do!and so do I love your big beautiful Fro!

  3. Nkechi says:

    Ezinne, your post really touched me. Thank you for sharing candidly. I have been natural for a while and I am going through some of the same soil searching. It is even a bit more complex because I live in a predominantly white area. I comb my hair in the morning and by afternoon it looks “rough”. I feel odd going to business meetings with my natural hair. Sometimes I feel like my natural hair is a political statement. It’s just my hair. I have braids in now and I get odd comments too. Your hair is so nice! Your hair grew so quickly! This morning I was joking with my daughters day care provider and I said “black hair is difficult to take care off”. In my daughter’s hearing. I had just spent 10 kind of my precious school rush time gently wetting oiling and ginger combing her thick and beautiful hair. Am I already starting to make my daughter feel like her hair is less than? I feel sad contemplating this. Well, the first thing to do is identify the problem, then it can be fixed. Right?

    1. Oh Nkechi! Thanks for the lengthy comment! I know exactly what you mean!It is a bit difficult to take care of till we find an easy way to manipulate it. Don’t feel bad! I guess you have to pay her a lot of compliments about her hair and make her feel like its the best hair ever! and actively believe it too! Lol! Goodluck Nkechi! It can only get better!

  4. Tracey says:

    Going through this was emotional,I had natural long hair while growing.I had to cut it while leaving for boarding school.All efforts to retrieve the full lustrous hair proved abortive.Good article and well delivered.In summary,Our hair is the mirror to our positive sides…

    1. Awww!Your lustrous hair shall come back bigger and better. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  5. TopeO says:

    I have natural hair and went out with 4 twists today saying to myself that it really shouldn’t matter what others think beautiful hair should be like. My four twists is my beautiful..

    1. Well said! Thanks for reading the post and your comment!

  6. Kemi Ofili says:

    Good writeup. I conducted an experiment not too long ago where I had my natural hair done up like Marge Simpson”s. Looked nice if I say so.Asked family and friends to vote on what’s app. Got a lot of rude comments and sad to say the nays had it.

    1. Aww! Thats sad! I am sure you looked awesome! Maybe next time, if it looks awesome in your eyes, you go ahead and rock it! I can’t wait to see the Marge Simpson hair again! Thank you for reading and dropping a comment Aunty Kemi!

  7. I may not understand how the women like to Wear their hair but your natural hair do fits you like a wig and it is so beautiful.

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