Hot in the News: Nkwo was hosted at The Buckhingham Palace

Feb 22, 2018 | Fashion, Featured

We are super excited by the large strides African fashion is making in the global fashion scene. It gets even more exciting when it is our very own  Nigerian designer, Nkwo Onwuka. Nkwo was selected to represent Nigeria in the Common Wealth Fashion Exchange.You can read all about this in the flyer below:


The project was about the exchange of ideas between the Common wealth countries with a particular reference to Sustainability. Each designer was partnered with another African country. In Nkwo’s case, she  was partnered with Malawi. Through her research, she found an artisan in Malawi;  a wood carver and worked with him to produce the mini masks that were part of the elements of her design.

A bit more about the design process and the dress from the Designer: “I used Asoke  for my dress because I wanted to play to it’s properties. I used innovative techniques to ensure there was zero waste. It was made entirely by hand. While researching on Malawi, I came across the Nyau cult. The dancers wear very elaborate costumes at a festival to celebrate their ancestors. This inspired my dress which is actually called “Spirit of  the Dance “.

Spirit of the Dance by Nkwo displayed at The Buckingham Palace

The Woolmark company and Swarovski were two of the main sponsors of the event. Nkwo was chosen to work with both of them. Wool and Swarovski crystals were utilised in the design process and for constructing the garment.. See more photos below:

Spirit of the Dance by Nkwo displayed at The Buckingham Palace




Nkwo Onwuka on the grounds of the Buckinham Palace

The Duchess of Cambridge and Nkwo Onwuka


Congratulations Nkwo Onwuka and a huge Kudos to the organisers of this amazing project!! We are so inspired!


Stop by Zinkata to shop some of Nkwo’s truly genius designs!  Address: 13b Awori Road, Dolphin Estate. Telephone: +234 9090 404886




Ezinne Chinkata

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