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On Tuesday, I finished from work for 7pm. I got home and could not find my room keys to get into my room. I was knackered, cranky and all sorts. I made a snap decision, not to let the situation overwhelm me . It was really weird; I was totally not stressed.


I slept in mother dearest’s room.. Luckily, she had a spare toothbrush and all the amenities I needed. There was one major glitch.. I had nothing to wear to work the next day. I planned to be at work for 7:45 and was not going to let anything change that.. such as  hanging  around trying to get someone to change my locks etc.

Nothing fit from my mom’s wardrobe, so I decided to wear whatever and make it work..


I picked out a casual yellow Kaftan. Not my  usual colour  choice but I was determined to keep things moving.Luckily, I had my funky animal print lace-up shoes  outside my room.Off I went to work, with a light heart and a deep feeling of contentment.

kaftan 3



Then the customers started coming in.. I got up and I smiled very brightly and cheerily.

Me: “Welcome to Zinkata, thank you very much for stopping by.. we are glad to have you..we have so many amazing pieces for you to choose from”… and on I went…I forgot my garment was not the most fashion fastidious one I had ever worn. I walked them through the store in sure confident strides.It was my lucky day as well…The one day I come to work in borrowed clothing, is the one day everyone decided to come visiting. I was resplendent in my mom’s Kaftan and a happier day I had never had.

…my darling mom stopped by as well..kaftan 2


During the course of my interaction with customers, it really did not matter what I was wearing, what mattered was what I had to say. Did My outfit get a few furtive glances? Yes it did, but at the end of each interaction, I had no doubt it actually did not matter. Infact, it just may have added to the appeal of the STORE..


Ok, apart from the very obvious lesson of keeping my keys safe and trying my best to be even more careful. I learnt a hard tough lesson. What we wear really matters. Sad but true, people judge us by how we dress.  In an ideal world, we should always dress appropriately for the occasion and back it up with solid content and competence. But sometimes, life deals us lemons and we have to know how to act when we are in that situation. gorgeous Zinkata readers.. please choose your garments wisely.. it should be able to define who you are and what you are about. If you are ever caught out in a situation where you are not your best’s my two cents on how to carry it off.


How do you act when you are not dressed as you wish and you end up meeting tonnes of people?  So many likely scenarios:

a. You misjudged the dress code and you stick out like a sore thumb at an event.

b. You are a bit cash strapped and you have a serious interview.. you have to wear your not so formal outfit..

c. You left your house in a dress you absolutely loved and when you got to work you realise its actually shorter than you planned.

Worry not everyone.. This is very normal. The truth of the matter is, we would always be judged at first glance, but it is our actions that would negate any opinion formed…

                           5 TOP TIPS

1. First we have to remember that what we are wearing truly does not define us.. What defines us is the woman inside , and that woman should stand proud and sure, with bold and confident fire shining in her eyes.

2. Make solid eye contact and smile very brightly. A bright smile and kind welcoming eyes is really all you need.

3. Be very schooled in whatever you want to discuss.

4. If it is not a formal scenario, relax and just make comfortable conversation..


5 N0-NO’S

1. Do not duck or make a dash for it when you see someone you know.. or even pretend not to recognise them.

2.Do not make excuses/apologise for your appearance.. SMILE CONFIDENTLY AND BE CALM.

3. Do not touch your hair nervously and have your eyes downcast

4. Do not give up and not show up! Go wherever you need to go..and keep your head high

5.Do not feel threatened by others outfits.. be content.


“We are in charge of every situation we find ourselves in. Do the best you can at every situation”.. Show up, smile and own the moment..

Have a blissful rest of the weekend all..



Ezinne Chinkata

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