How to appear respectable in shorts for the seasonal functions.

Dec 10, 2014 | Fashion, Features

Afraid  to come across as “slutty” looking even though you are dying to wear your favourite shorts???.. Worry not.. I have just the right suggestions for you..Here’s my second style tip for the season..

How to appear respectable in shorts

1. First and foremost… Make sure your legs are in good shape..  Hair waxed/shaved and muscle tone right..Start now.. Throw in a couple of squats for your legs just before you hop into the bathe in the mornings. You don’t have to literally sleep in the gym to have toned legs.. You would be shocked at what a week’s worth of squats would do to your pins.. Get in shape in time for the parties..

2. Match your little shorts with classic undertones: Dressing up is really a game of balances.. Say for example, I am wearing very little shorts, It would work perfectly with a classic blouse and homely shoes.. It sort of makes the look appear smart and suitable for daytime as opposed to sultry sexy..

3.Once you have decided to wear your shorts..Irrespective of the shape or tone of your legs, “OWN THE MOMENT“.  Once you are out, wear your confidence like a stamp and exude positive energy.. and have a right on rowdy fantastic seasonal day!!

4. Respectable is as respectable as you feel..Wear  your little shorts with heels if you feel like.. who says respectable can’t be sexy?? Look seductive and carry on with a nice respectable charm.


In the picture above, I am wearing some shorts I absolutely adore I scored from one of my favourite stores, Dahlia.  (Dahlia pieces are stocked at Zinkata) It is quite short to be honest, but I absolutely love the fabric and cut of the shorts. I teamed them with a covered up ruches up  burnt orange top..


In this ensemble, the pearls were my ‘JOKER‘.. They added a good ‘ole homely feel to my outfit. I also paired them with a really old pair of brogues , dearest daddy got for me ages ago. See picture below.



My bag is by Tae Africa and I absolutely love the originality of the design. It looks like a car-plate number..


Whip out your shorts with a healthy dose of chutzpah and have a great season!!

Stay strong, Stay Happy, Stay Kind!!




Ezinne Chinkata


Photography: Ebenezer Dada for Insigna Media

Bag: Tae Afrika

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