How to Dress for Success

May 27, 2015 | Fashion, Trends





Our daily outfits affect how we are perceived and how we shall be addressed /listened to.. Dressing for success is really quite easy.. It  starts with owning your personality and projecting POWER….Secondly.. Putting together a very neat and flawless silhouette..

Here are 3 Tips for Dressing for Success in the workplace

1. No to super skimpy and cleavage baring. Clothes should fit really well and sit professionally..Interesting but not tacky.

2. Own a nice black suit or Decent well fitted black dress. These would always look great and serve you for a long time. Accessorise them nicely with scarves and brooches .

3. No to oily faces and yes to clean pretty make-up.. (Not too heavy). Hair neat and well put together.. Professional and nice..

4. Yes to individual styles that show off your personality and portrays an intriguing silhouette..  Would set you apart from the others and give you a chance to showcase your talents..

Note:Being well turned out is one thing.. but you have to also back it up with substance and skill.. KEEP DEVELOPING YOURSELF!

Today’s outfit is a classic “Dressing for Success” example.. Disclaimer: I would advise a better ironing(Steaming) job.. For some reason my pant bottoms are quite crinkled..  This won’t do!! Also.. my green hair works for my job.. (Fashion Consultant)..but may not work for other industries..

What I am wearing

Culottes are great.. They are even WAY cooler as jumpsuits.. Two cool trends fused in one.. I am wearing a wide legged (Culotte) jumpsuit with an interesting black and white  crepe like fabric on the top..  and tie-details at the waist for definition.. It is a really cool outfit and I am super excited to own one!!

Where am I wearing this to??

Where can you wear this to?? I find it quite formal and am wearing it to work. I would totally wear it for a formal meeting .. It is a chic yet quite somber outfit..Work outfits should still be cool, no?

Who designed it and where can you buy it?

I thought you would never ask!??? This outfit is designed by Meena.. It stocks at Zinkata.. ???  in different sizes and is perfect for youuuu!!


Transform your individual style and get noticed at work! Success is a chic black dress away!


Ezinne Chinkata

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