How would you Style your Kaftan??

Aug 10, 2018 | Ezinne's Edit, Fashion

How would you style your Kaftan??

I love re-creating outfit ideas that I make-up in my head on the fly. Sometimes, they come to me immediately and other times it is a slow burn; A germ of an idea comes fleetingly to my mind and steadily grows in detail until finally an outfit is borne!

Most times, the re-created ideas work out well and other times..err..not so well (as my dearest sisters tell me). All this I must confess adds to the thrill and fun of dressing up, the reckless freedom to wear what your imagination creates and the dangerous thrill of knowing you may either look ridiculous or amazing!

Today’s outfit was borne from one of “those” moments. I started out with a pretty simple canvas.“A Print Duster Kimono stocking at Zinkata by Chicnicity”. It came into the store and I viewed it with a relatively neutral eye. I usually style my Kimonos with pants or a dress.

I came up with an idea; To mix the prints on the Kimono with another print. Sort of like creating an intriguing print story whilst also projecting a proudly African silhouette.I pulled out a Vlisco Wrapper from my wardrobe.The orange prints on them and the Kimono’s prints fused together in a really nice way. I matched this with a white shirt and blue bag/heels and felt really awesome.

It is also interesting to note the difference in how I styled mine in comparison to how Ngozi Nkwoji styled hers. Her holiday photos in Portugal had her styling up her Kimono more like a beach throw on. She looks absolutely amazing!

Ngozi Nkwoji

Ngozi Nkwoji

How would you style your Kaftan? Please share!

Have an awesome weekend all!


Ezinne Chinkata


Photo Credits
Ezinne’s Photo: Deji Haastrup (Instagram:@Dejive)
Ngozi’s photo: Instagram: @ngeeshow



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