I’m in Love with my Babayyy…..

Feb 6, 2015 | Fashion

Hello all!!!!

How are you all faring today?? It’s Friday already and I suppose I am in a really awesome mood….  I also have this tune resounding in my head…It’s the Sheyi Shay Song featuring Wizkid titled Crazy..Absolutely love it!  Yes..it totally influenced my title.. The chorus sort of goes along those lines.You all should check it out…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7QiLceJSLQ . Music totally uplifts the spirit!! Sometimes I forget..

In today’s post, my outfit is from Zinkata.. It is such a pretty outfit. I love the fabric and it can also serve various purposes and could be worn in different ways..


IMG_0447 I think it would also look absolutely amazing with flat shoes.. trainers perhaps..

IMG_0452 IMG_0441 IMG_0437

IMG_0470Do you have a similar outfit? Here are 3 quick tips for getting maximum wear off sets..

1. Sets come in different styles..They could be Pants/skirt/shorts. You can ear them bottom as separates with a shirt, blouse or even a sweater if you live in chillier climes.

2. The tops can also be worn with jeans, pencil skirts, shorts or.. The list is endless. Another way to sort of make it look different is by wearing the top over a white shirt or even a black shirt or a light weight long sleeved t-shirt top. That would look super cool.. Then..with bottoms of your choice.

3. Wear them as purchased ..but throw a blazer/ kaftan/long jacket over the entire look.. Super cool!

Sets are quite smart buys and are really stylish. Invest in some…or better still.. Stop by Zinkata..

I would love to see you!!

Stay happy and fabulous…

Keep in touch!!!


Ezinne Chinkata



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