Inspirational Must-read Post of the Day: Worry Not!!

Jun 5, 2016 | Fashion

Last night, I was filled with regrets.. I felt I had taken the wrong direction and made some bad decisions. I was burned! It was super clear to me what I should have done instead, but alas..”TOO LITTLE TOO LATE”..

In true, Ezinne , fashion.. I was gearing up for the most humongous melt-downs of all time. I was super worried.. and just as I was about to go into my room and curl up in a foetal defeated depressive position on my bed. I got a “rescuing thought”.. It popped into my head just like that and it released me instantly from my torment.

It went thus.. “Yes, you made a bit of a blunder of things.. but it is fine. We all get like that sometimes, learn from it, fess up and look forward to better things in the future. Cast all your worries upon the Lord and he shall make it all right”. It sounds super simple right?? But it is actually very powerful..

Whatever burdens our heart, whatever mistakes we feel we may have made, whatever sins we may have committed. It is actually truly fine. As long as we repent with all our hearts, ask for forgiveness, cast our burdens unto the Lord and with a deep unwavering faith, believe that he would take good care of us.

“So Worrying should be dead to us!!!!!”..

I slept like a baby last night and set off for church bright and early..


… what a co-incidence it was!! Today’s sermon was well about faith, positive acclamations and believing the LORD FOR EVERYTHING!

That’s it guys!! I shall have a worry free week! It would be amazing and so shall yours be!!



Ezinne Chinkata

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