Is Colour-Blocking your Dress with your Shoes Still a Thing?

Feb 23, 2020 | Fashion

I had a really delightful Sunday morning. I stepped out for a really remarkable service dressed in this gorgeous Green Shift by Gozel Green from the store. I teamed it with Purple shoes by Aquazzura and it was just the pop of “extra-colour” I needed.  For a mini second, I took a quick analytical look at my outfit and wondered if Colour-blocking  was now and truly a “no-no”. Is it still a thing?  Then, I shook off  my thoughts in mild irritation and strode off confidently. Who cares anyways? It may or may not still be a thing.. It may be tragically passé.

..and there goes my style tip for the day! Wear it and own it, as long as you are completely comfortable with the image in the mirror. Listen to your style voice and have fun wearing what sets your heart ablaze!

Dress by Gozel Green

Speaking of hearts ablaze.. Today’s sermon did exactly that! It’s always a great experience to feel connected in Church and hear an impassioned Reverend speak words your heart yearns for at the time. The focus was about being renewed with our maker and living a life that is exemplary. Saying no to negative actions and associations and focusing our energies on higher purposes. Simply put!

This week, may we take the time to renew our minds, start a new way of living and may our actions and relations with others single us out and draw people even closer to the Lord, as a result of our exemplary ways!


Have a blessed week all!


Ezinne Chinkata


Green Dress: By Gozel Green and available at Zinkata. Also comes in a dusty pink.

 Zinkata: 19b Jerry Iriabe St, Lekki 1. Tel: 09090404886



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