Last minute Tips for Making Father’s day a Memorable one.

Jun 17, 2017 | Fashion

Stuck on father’s day ideas?? Here are some simple last minute ways to make sure your father or the father figure in your life has a great day tomorrow…

I shall use myself as an example: I woke up today with a dull feeling in my stomach, a resultant realisation of what tomorrow stands for,”Father’s Day”, and I had nothing planned for my dad!.It doesn’t help that I am all the way in Dublin and he is currently in England. I panicked for 5 multi-seconds till I stiffened my spine in determination and thought out loud:  “Tomorrow, my dad is going to feel very loved and realise how much he means to me”. It doesn’t matter that it is a bit last minute and I have nothing elaborate planned (okay I have beat myself up about procrastination enough). I shall come up with a creative solution.

“What shall I do to make him feel special?”, I say out loud to myself. I opted for a really simple solution but one I know he would appreciate a great deal! I shall send him a “LOVE LETTER”. It is a bit of a running joke for my dad and I, but while I was in England during my master’s degree, I sent my dad an email almost everyday, proclaiming my love , telling him how much I missed him, keeping him abreast of all I was up to and low-key begging for pocket-money. He loved it!! and I believe he saved every single letter.

So tomorrow, even though I am not there with my dad in person, I shall wake up, say a big heartfelt prayer to the Lord, thank him for my dad, ask him to pretty please continue guiding and protecting him and then I shall email my dad his love letter; In it, I shall thank him very much for all he has done and let him know how much he is loved and appreciated. I shall say so much! It is easier to write than to actually say it in person, at least in my case. I also know for sure that he would be very happy to read from me. Sometimes, the little gestures are the most precious.

Are you stuck and not quite sure of what to do for your dad or the father figure in your life for Father’s day?

Here are top 10 ideas:

  1. If you are reading this, you may still have time and the stores are not closed in your location. You can dash out and buy him a cute gift or over the top one. Depending on your budget as well as what’s suitable or readily available. It could be a great Pen, a Pocket square and Tie, Books, Perfume and the list goes on!
  2. Flowers? Yes a nice bouquet would certainly make any dad feel all warm and cuddly inside.
  3. Balloons! Nice blown up balloons with an elaborate message in a tiny card would certainly brighten up his day.
  4. Cake? A nice, healthy cake option? Yes, I know for sure that my dad loves yummy carrot cakes! Everyone feels pretty special when they are presented with a gorgeous cake, just for them.
  5. Make him a nice dish! His favourite meal perhaps?
  6. Call him and tell him how much he means to you. Let him know how special he is and make sure he gets off the phone call feeling very loved and appreciated.
  7. Take him to the cinema. Be nice, kind and attentive all through the day
  8. Take him to his favourite restaurant.
  9. Does he have grandkids?? Organise them to sing him a nice song or present something cute.
  10. What does your dad like/love? Think hard,Or think of what you know would make your dad smile really hard tomorrow!!


one more for the road

11. .. This post may be a tad bit emotional for those of us whose dad’s have journeyed to eternity, or for some of us who never quite had a father figure in our lives.. May the Lord comfort you and fill your hearts with joy and peace. Look around you, identify a male that may need a kind gesture on fathers day. Give him a gift and make him feel loved. Bringing a smile to his face, would also cheer you up! Let’s spread love around!


It could be the simplest gesture!


I wish us all the very best!


Happy Father’s day to all the Dad’s in the house! All men are Dad’s!! Be a great father figure to all you come in contact with.


Ezinne Chinkata


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