Let’s Ponder Upon Our Democratic Footprints

May 29, 2018 | Fashion, Inspirational

Today is a public holiday in Nigeria, as we mark 19 years of democratic rule.

The Cambridge dictionary defines Democracy as:”the belief in freedom and equality between people, or a system of government based on this belief, in which power is either held by elected representatives or directly by the people themselves:”

What are your thoughts on this? How successful are we as a democratic nation? Where do we stand? Personally, I see us as “work in -progress”. We can do so much more and I believe we will if only we actually put practices and actions in place to create change.

What do we truly want? I shall answer for myself.

I yearn for a Nigeria where everyone is regarded as equals. A country where the leaders care for the people and have a burning passion to make a genuine difference. A nation where true success is celebrated based on hard-work, moral aptitude, and merit. Our  nation is the sum of us all. What is our contribution?How do we interact with our everyday man? The nation, the government, the people and the state of affairs of Nigeria is a result of each of our actions, thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Imagine if we all acted right. Where would we be? In a pretty great place I dare say!

Our country is a resultant effect of our daily interactions and influences. We can make even quicker progress by:

Practicing Love

Not just empty words, but actually loving the next person just as we love ourselves. Loving each other  irrespective of our financial capacities, tribe, religious leanings or political parties, and treating each other just as we would like to be treated. Selflessly pursuing positive actions.

If we had love in our hearts, there would be an end to:

  1. the rampant kidnappings
  2. the bombings and abductions
  3. The herdsmen’s clashes
  4. The corrupt systems and the lies
  5.  The Looting of funds available to build up our nation
  6. Turning a blind eye on the suffering of our fellow men
  7. Tribal segregations


As we celebrate democracy today, may we all try to measure our democratic footprints and make daily  positive steps towards building up our nation. L

Our collective efforts shall lift us up!


Happy Democracy day, Nigeria!


Ezinne Chinkata


PS: This video interview by the Director General, Institute of national transformation, Vincent  Anigbogu is quite a great place to start!! Click on link here: HERE

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