Life Skills 101:Spend time amongst Excellence

Mar 29, 2016 | Fashion

To live a balanced existence, one must explore a varied range of experiences ~Ezinne Chinkata, Musings, 2016.

..words proven to me in even more glaring clarity earlier today at the launch of a book jointly written by Chief Folake Solanke , SAN & Prof Fabian Ajogwu, SAN. Theirs was a book on Oral & Written Advocacy: Law and Practice.  You may wonder what a Legal book has to do with my career as a Fashion Consultant?.

Prof Fabian Ajogwu (SAN) is extremely smart; he is also my brother in-law. I was certain the experience would broaden my mind. I must also confess to another agenda, I was super intrigued by the co-author, 84 year old, Chief Justice Solanke. I was eager to see and hear her speak.

 I listened in rapt attention to deeply enriching/erudite speeches by highly revered carefully picked out legal practitioners and their counterparts. I was in super fine company indeed…In no time, I felt my heart-rate quicken and beat rather loudly in my chest; a sensation I recognised for exactly what it was:

a. Inspiration

b. Admiration

c. New Knowledge

d. Respect

e. Excitement

f. Joy

g. Drive

h. Determination


I shall elaborate further…You see…

“Brilliance , Excellence , Dignity, Hard-work,Discipline, Fervour, Honesty; are qualities necessary for success irrespective of what sectors we belong to. All these qualities were present in the room in full abundance.. and I was privileged to hear it being  projected in crystal clarity.

Congratulations to the heroic Chief Folake Solanke and my truly inspiring brother inlaw; Prof Fabian Ajogwu!!

.. and  to my darling Zinkata readers.. Here’s to a strategically wiser 2016..


PS:I bought the book as well..and have already started in on it!!


Ezinne Chinkata


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