Living to smile again: Staying Happy

Sep 14, 2017 | Fashion

Today’s post is aimed at cheering up whoever is going through a bit of a down time! You could be going through a myriad of situations:

a. Things are not how you want them to be

b.You are ill

c.You suffered a loss

d.You are in a bad relationship.

e.Work sucks

f.Life is bleak


It may sound really mundane but please believe me when I say it will not last forever. Try your hardest to find the rainbow in the distance and hold on to it very doggedly. I speak it with the deepest conviction, “whatever you are going through right now is not worth staying sad or disconsolate or hopeless. Brighter days are ahead, if you choose to source them out. Keep your head up, put your head down, stay victorious and smell the roses hard! Joy shall come again.

I speak from experience.I speak from a heart that has known sorrow and a heart that has felt immense joy and blessings. Dark days always come my dear friends but they come to pass and we live to see brighter days. The true test is how we handle the dark days. Do we let them consume us? Do we bow to it’s pressure or stand tall and fight back?

Fight back for your joy, fight back for what you want, fight back for who you are, fight back for the happy life you want!

Surely, there is a reason to be grateful. Focus on the positives.Focus squarely on your life and what you want to make of it.Live a life filled with purposeful behaviour. Be a woman or man you are proud of. It is a gradual journey.

I believe that irrespective of what curve life throws us, we should  be able to see the light at the end of tunnel and clutch on doggedly to our joy.#So help us God.

I am ending this post with this truly spectacular video I watched after writing this post. It put it all in great perspective. Please watch and stay blessed!

Video Link



Ezinne Chinkata


Credits: Image:Image

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