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Jun 13, 2016 | Beauty, Fashion

This post is a great read for all Stylists and aspiring stylists.


Mercy Obi was shortlisted for “The Freelancer of the Year Award” which held at The Hospital Club, 24 Endell St, London WC2H 9HQ. Mercy contacted us (Zinkata Styling Services) about 9 days to the event to style her.We had to move really swiftly.

Our first question was: “How do you want to look?”

Her exact answer read as follows: “I was thinking of an African outfit or English wear but not sure at all. I would love to look tasteful and delightful while portraying my consultancy business. This is where your expertise comes into play.What would best suit the occasion in your opinion? Please help a sister here?”

We made a  snap decision not to go with trying to custom make a dress for Mercy.It would be cutting it close and besides we had to send it abroad, as she resides in Scotland. Most of our interaction was via watsapp, phone calls and emails. It was really important to understand her body shape and personality. Photos do not always do ample justice.We worked with photos for her body shape and proportions while videos of her speaking and expressing herself helped us get a bit more of a feel of her person ( body-shape , skin-tone and what style personality she was). “We tagged her as a Classic Style Personality with a little quirk“. She would wear sophisticated easy sharp lines,;A not too fussy, sleek and well pulled together look.

How did we make this decision you may ask? It is actually quite interesting. We normally style people based on their facial structure and the personality that shines through their eyes when they speak. Our faces are our stamp and they sort of dictate the sort of clothes we should gravitate towards and what we can carry off convincingly.

Armed with this knowledge and budget ideas..we hit the ground running swiftly!We browsed through different stores; “My team and I”. Sometimes, a joint-team effort is a great way to make quick progress. and in no time we found the perfect dress. It was a Lisa Folawiyo dress stocking at Temple Muse.



Lisa Folawiyo very kindly delivered it safely to Mercy in the Uk herself. Online shopping came in very handy for the rest of her needs. We found the perfect purse, earrings and shoes!!

See photos below:

IMG_1264 IMG_1018 IMG_1272


Ezinne Chinkata’s feedback:

Styling Mercy was a dream!! She is such a genuinely nice and pleasant person!Ours was the perfect Client-Consultant relationship. She trusted my decisions and was quite open to try out new things! This made the entire process very pleasant and seamless!

For accessories we opted for a print bag as opposed to a solid coloured bag as the interaction of the prints on the bag with the dress was quite complimentary and gave the entire look a nice patterned feel.

For hair, we felt a pulled together non-fussy look was the perfect decision to compliment the really interesting details on her dress. She has a bit of a small frame, and the trick here was to make sure she was wearing the dress as opposed to the other way round.

…I am quite certain Mercy had a really great evening and the dress was an absolute hit!.. at least she told us so via the  short video below:

Have a great Monday all!!!



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