Lucy has No Money: There is much more about the story of Lucy

Oct 21, 2015 | Beauty, Fashion, Inspirational

Here goes:

Lucy Kamson’s mom is a petty trader.Her dad worked as a bricklayer before he got hurt in a work accident and is currently jobless. They live literally from hand to mouth and can barely afford the basic amenities.

Lucy is super smart and won an all expense paid scholarship for her education. She graduated top of her class.Uni days were tough for young Lucy. She worked really hard in school and also helped her mom out at the market during the weekends/ some school days. She had no social life and toiled tirelessly.

Right up till she met Emmanuel. A really nice young man.

Lucy’s thoughts: “I am 21 years old and would  love to meet a young man soon. Emmanuel has just asked me on a date to the park for the 3rd time and I keep turning him down.I have absolutely nothing to wear. All my clothes are worn out and my hair is so due and un-retouched”

We are certain so may girls feel exactly how Lucy feels.They feel totally inadequate.

You are enough! You don’t have to be rich to be worthy.. Neither do you have to wear all the new clothes /fads/weaves to be cool. A clean and tidy silhouette is as worthy as it gets.

Our advice to Lucy..

“Dearest Lucy.. If Emmanuel seems like a keeper (Decent and grounded) by all means please go to the park with him.

Do not:

a. Borrow a dress to wear..Be content with what you have and who you are

b. Feel inadequate just because you don’t have

c. Steal from your mom’s savings or go shoplifting..

c. Act falsely and make excuses for any outfit you end up wearing

You are absolutely beautiful and what you wear is not a measure of your worth . Emmanuel should find you worthy of his admiration regardless of your attire.. You are good enough..

Here’s a classic example of what Lucy could totally wear to the park and still look decent..

Go the traditional route, Lucy! Wear African with a deep sense of pride for your culture and heritage.

1.Pull out a basic t-shirt.. or a sleeveless blouse.. In any plain colour.

2. Head to your mom’s wardrobe and get a piece of her ankara wrapper. Choose a colour that compliments your skin tone and works well with your top and wrap it round like a wrapper/sarong. (At a comfortable/right length for your body type).

3. Team it with whatever shoes you own.. Slippers or Flat Sandals..

4. Style your hair neatly/nicely

5. You don’t need a bag if you have none.. A simple wallet would work.

6. Put together a clean and well pulled together look..


It is not what you wear.. It is the woman inside.. You are worthy.. Hold your head high and have fun at the park..

The pictures below are a classic example of the outfit described in this article..


Lucy 4 Lucy1 Lucy2 Lucy3


To all the struggling young girls/women out there. Hold your head high and keep at it! Do not compromise your values..or ever feel you are not good enough.

Note: Lucy’s story is a figment of our (Zinkata) imagination.We are all for  empowering women and are constantly thinking up scenarios to foster the growth of a strong girl/child/woman..



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