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4 thoughts on “Make like a Lady in dresses by the LadyMaker

  1. Ezinne says:

    Chai Ezinne you know how to kill in a dress! This looks ultra chic!!!! How did you get your big hair in that scarf, it looks great! The mix of prints are gorgeous! I’m going to forget about that zip I hate so much n concentrate on the finer qualities. Love it!

    1. Hahaha!! Ezinne you just cracked me up! I squuuuuezed my hair into the scarf.. And yes the zippers are not bad at all! Have A great weekend love! Xxxx

  2. Onyi says:

    The dress looks lovely on you.You took it and made it your own and so somehow it doesn’t quite look the way it did on the model.(Not like it didn’t look nice on her but it didn’t warrant a second and maybe third glance from me. lol)
    That said, i went to their website and read the story of how the created their look book on a very tight budget.I am very much impressed and happy for them.Their story further affirmed my belief since 2014 that money or a lack of it is no barrier to you achieving your dreams.The only barrier you have is a lack of creativity.

    Thank you Ezinne for inspiring me in ways you may not know.
    Perhaps one day i would come out of my shell and tell you the ways you are making me rethink how i dress.

    1. Hello Onyi!! Thank you so much!! For your constant support!! I am glad you enjoy the posts and hope we get to meet soon!! Please share pictures if you can?? I wish you a truly happy week! xxx

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