Match your Hat to your Shoes

Apr 1, 2015 | Fashion

Matching our hats to our shoes can be quite an awesome fashion moment…For maximum effect, match the print/pattern on the  hat to those of the shoes..and it looks super orchestrated and really “major”.. In a really sophisticated way.. A little red pillbox hat and shoes would be quite awesome as well.. or the age-old classics.. matching your gele(head-tie) to your shoes..

These looks are old and tested but still hold true and ensure a classic silhouette ..To be quite honest.. some fashion rules never get redundant.. no matter how hard we try to freshen things up..à la the colour blocking trend..

Nigeria’s presidential elections concluded in a peaceful manner.. It was fair and credible.. It is indeed the dawn of a new era.. What better way to stride in to this new era than with matching hats and shoes..

IMG_3466_Fotor IMG_3450_Fotor

IMG_3448_Fotor IMG_3443_Fotor

Congratulations to my beloved country Nigeria.. The nation spoke and it was heard..


Have an awesome Wednesday all..

A little extra effort goes a long way…


Ezinne Chinkata


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