My Sunday Style: Sundays in Lagos 29/07/18

Jul 29, 2018 | Inspirational

My Sunday Style is a weekly post written by me. It is a wholesome post consisting of Fashion as well as Faith and often times.My darling parents have become quite adept at posing with me for the obligatory Sunday snap! The monotonous rituals of a classic Sunday with my family is one I often look forward to.  It is quite a comforting and consistent array of events that keeps us all in general great camaraderie as well as in heightened awareness of our faith.

First, we wake up pretty early and head to church, worship together, take in the inspiring sermons from our Anglican church and dash back home for “Sunday rice’ and bonding.

Sunday Style

I wore a black and white lace dress from Ukulele which is available in store in different sizes. I teamed it with Monochrome Sandals and a black Fascinator. It was a really simple and elegant silhouette and I set off to church and enjoyed a thoroughly soul enriching sermon.

See photos below as well as a concise report from the amazing sermon!


This week’s  sermon was themed the “Benefits of Praise and Thanksgiving“. It is always great to acknowledge God’s mercy and protection in our lives. Irrespective of where we are or what we are going through, it is important to remember to give thanks and praise to the Lord. Give thanks and praise when things are going really good, and even more thanks and praise to the Lord when things are tough.Here are some ways to give praise:

  1. Eulogising
  2. Worshipping
  3. Extolling and Exalting his name
  4. Singing to him
  5. Publicly acknowledging his importance to the world.

The Lord is awesome! I am a living testament to his goodness and mercies. Sticking to his word and abiding by his word is a sure fire way to keep you grounded and protected as well as well on the path he has called you for. We all go through challenges and it should not by any way deter us from believing in his good intentions for us. Another classic example of how we doubt the amazing plans the Lord has for us is comparing ourselves to others as well as wanting a particular thing and wondering if the Lord is not answering our prayers. The truth is, the Lord’s plans for us stays true and we should completely stay upbeat and not lose faith when things are not going as we think they should. We shouldn’t feel ostracised, rather we should hold on to him in faith and continue giving praise and thanksgiving. If he could sacrifice his only son for our sake, what more can’t he do for us? Whatever you go through in life, do not try to analyse why it may be happening, just put all your trust in him and stay thankful with praise and thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a great way to show appreciation. Everything we are and our entire existence is all by his grace. We should give thanks from the bottom of our hearts and not grudgingly.We should essentially be thankful individuals and not take God for granted.

There are a lot of benefits to be reaped from giving thanks, but that should really not be our focus.When you praise God, it brings increase. It leads to an abundance of joy in our hearts, soul and existence. This week, may we share the testimonies of the goodness of the Lord to the world.


Have an awesome week all!



Ezinne Chinkata



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