My Sunday Style: Sundays in London 19/08/2018

Aug 19, 2018 | Fashion, Inspirational

It’s another Sunday and this time I worshipped at Hillsong church London alongside my darling niece, Chloe. Hillsong is a delightful inclusive church with very inspiring Services. Today’s service wasn’t an exception.

What I wore: I love projecting my African Heritage as much as I can whilst away from Nigeria. For church today, I wore a blue Linen Shirt with Stripes tucked into blue smart pants and flat comfortable pumps. Over the ensemble, I threw on the newest addition to my wardrobe by the Lady maker: a really cool Cocoon coat with blue delightfully abstract prints. Blue bag and my shoulders squared, I rushed off to church with my darling Chloe in tow.


At Hillsong today, we had 4 different speakers, each doing remarkably well in their various jobs and yet letting the Lord take center stage in their lives. It was such an eye opener and so inspiring. I got in smack in the middle of the first speech by Neil Rebeugeot. He is the Director-Regional Head of CEME Corporate Real Estate Solutions & CRM for Barclays International. He spoke more about faith and to keep believing no matter how hard things seemed, to never give up on the Lord and keep believing and keep trusting.Especially to do with an ill loved one and facing trying times.

The Second speaker was 19 year old Ben Towers. Ben spoke more about his life’s journey, constantly boldly pushing on and living and doing his best with his talents. Also, always trying to make a positive influence the best way he can and using his influence and work to create better policies and regulations for under age but extremely talented individuals well interested in Blazing the trail with their super talents. In all this, he confessed to actively pursuing his relationship with the Lord and passionately living a life where he can make a positive change and make an impact and a difference to people in need. He is constantly re-evalutaing his life and looking up new ways  where his business and skills will be useful to all around him.

Sam Cooke was the next to speak. He is co-founder of Mix Cloud, a streaming music company. The company is about to get a 10 million dollar injection of cash from investors and is quite the future. Sam is  a tech whiz as well as being very active in Hillsong’s choir. He spoke about how he took the leap of faith and started mix-cloud, quitting his well paying job. He spoke about his faith and how important it is to carry out business practices with integrity and positively impact your spheres of influence  as you go along. As well as using your skills to help the church grow the best way you can. Really about implementing your skills and talents with hard work and leading by example.

Our fourth speaker was the very lovely Lalita Stables. She’s the head of Sales, Google London. She spoke about her past, pushing through difficult times such a s discrimination at an earlier age, Aparthied in  South Africa etc. Her life took a turn for the better when she immersed herself In a church and surrendered her life to Jesus. Slowly and gradually things got better and miracles and peace finally became hers. She met her life partner, has beautiful babies and does her best to impact on her spheres of influence one step at a time. Such as saying a little prayer for a colleague heavy of heart and being kind and supportive to staff and people she comes in contact with on the daily.

The four speakers were each remarkable, successful and all shared one thing in common: FAITH. They believed absolutely in Jesus, have made him their Lord and personal saviour and are now impacting on their spheres of influence positively whilst doing their ultimate best to be positive role models!

“It doesn’t matter how big or small your spheres of influence is, what matters is what you do! (Positive Impact).

All really brilliant stuff! We (Chloe and I), left church super charged! See photos below:


Have a truly amazing week ahead!

Stay Happy and positive!


Ezinne Chinkata

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