Nancy Nwadire’s thoughts on Eva Marcille wearing Iconic Invanity

Nov 8, 2015 | Fashion

Eva Marcille Pigford  (well known American Actress and Model) wore a hand beaded jumpsuit to the Soul Train Awards (06/11/2015) and it went viral! Why is this news you may well ask?? Eva’s  jumpsuit was from one of our very own favourite designer’s (Iconic Invanity) SS14 collection themed “Elements”.

See image below:



attends the 2015 Soul Train Music Awards at the Orleans Arena on November 6, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It got us super excited and we had a brief chat with Nancy Nwadire (Creative Director Iconic Invanity), discussing her thoughts on the impact of this association for her brand and African Fashion at large.

Nancy Nwadire: “My design process starts and ends with a clear vision of the woman who wears Iconic Invanity. I almost have to step into her shoes for a minute and embody who she is, her lifestyle and what she stands for as an individual, as a woman etc. All of this is then reflected in what she wears… I get a sense of fulfilment whenever my vision of who the Iconic Invanity woman is actualised. Eva Marcille in Iconic Invanity summed it all up. Eva exudes strength, beauty and confidence.”

Nancy further expands: “It’s incredible what African Fashion designers have to offer.Iconic Invanity has carved a niche in an attempt to redefine African luxury and show the world what made in Nigerian or made in Africa means. The world is watching and waiting, yes we still have a lot of tough barriers to break, and if we can individually do what it takes to raise the bar, then it’s only a matter of time before Africa becomes the next fashion destination”.


We are truly excited with the constant forward steps African Fashion is taking on the global stage.What are your thoughts everyone?? Do you think Africa is the next fashion destination??





Photo-Credit: Getty Images

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