May 16, 2014 | Beauty, Fashion, Other Stores

Hello loves..

How was your week? Mine was all sorts of long but extremely amazing. I love work!! It is extremely exhilarating.. I guess I am sort of lucky to work at what I absolutely love and am very passionate about..Does anyone recognise that feeling??

If you don’t feel the same way, and sort of kind of feel work sucks; Don’t be discouraged. I have been there numerous times, working at jobs that didn’t necessarily fulfil me. I believe they are necessary, to prepare you for the bigger picture. So chin up and keep at it!!

My new hair sort of really surprises me. I guess we should never say no to anything till we try it out. Most times, I swear black and blue and stay far away from afro/boho looks. I always thought they were not the right fit for me; Simply put, I was totally uninterested..

In the recent months, I have been extremely bored with all my hair styles but never really knew where to go. I had a really major light bulb idea hanging out with Banke Meshida of BMPro. She had on this really lush weave and it sort of sparked my interest.

Oh well, to cut a long story short, I am wearing it.. and I absolutely love it..

I hope you do too?I went to the African Artist’s Foundation recently and it was the debut of my new hair. The picture below is Onah Wachukwu and I.Onah is the Editor of Hello Magazine Nigeria. Isn’t she gorgeous??

I think I looked kind of cool. .. I also wore my now famous white all stars!

It was a really great event. I bought my black and white dress from Dahlia and it has gone on sale already!

Isn’t it amazing???

I hope this post inspires you to try out looks you are afraid to do otherwise.

Stay blessed and Happy!


Zinkata, Zinkata1(Instagram and Twitter)

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