One Dress: 2 events

Apr 10, 2017 | Events, Ezinne's Edit, Fashion, Features

I had such a hectic week last week.. I practiced a new productivity hack I had told you all about, titled: Eat that Frog. You can read all about it here, if you missed it:

It worked wonders for my work life!! I only hope I can sustain it and keep blazing the trail of uber productive days.

Going back to the weekend I had a really hectic Saturday. I was a guest speaker at a Master class on Saturday. That went really well, as I also put in quite a bit of work on my presentation whilst juggling all my weekly duties. The new productivity hack came in quite handy here.

I  had a wedding  to attend afterwards, and knew the event would go on for quite a bit. I had to wear a piece that would work for the event as well as moving on seamlessly to a wedding!

Hanging really prettily in my wardrobe was this coral dress by Meena, stocking at Zinkata. Such a flattering silhouette and one that could easily go from formal to party formal in a heart beat.

L-R with the rest of the speakers: Tokyo James, Veronica Odeka, Godson Ukaegbu and Bolaji Animashaun


Right after the event, I slipped on a head piece, changed my bag and dashed off for my wedding!


Style Tip: Get multiple use off your pieces by teaming them with different accessories.


Have an awesome week all.



Ezinne Chinkata

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