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Jun 16, 2016 | Fashion

I wrote a post titled ; “Conversations with the Mother”, where I spoke about how my mom’s advice on my outfit to the market proved quite a life saver! Here’s a link to the post: Post.

Today was another matter.. I was all dressed up and in true mom fashion, she had feedback.It went as follows; “Ezinne, don’t you think your outfit would be much better without that blue denim wrap you are wearing over it?”

My reaction to today’s “well-intentioned feedback was :’No mummy, I really like how it looks”… and off  I went to conquer my day, whilst mentally thanking the Lord for the gift of “Good Mothers” . My darling mom never tires to watch out for me!!

In today’s outfit, I am wearing an Animal Print Bodysuit from my wardrobe. I have had it for a while and it is from Top-Shop. I wore them with black jeans and heels. The controversial piece in question here is a Denim Skirt by “Gozel Green“. It sort of mimics an apron or a workers utilitarian wear and is from their last collection; Marching to Kilimanjoro, which showed at the Lagos Fashion and Design Week.

See photos below:

IMG_9449 IMG_9435 IMG_9427 IMG_9424 IMG_9417 IMG_9407 IMG_9405


What are your thoughts guys??


Ezinne Chinkata

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