Our reasons for buying the FIA structured dress: Great tips for buying a dress

Sep 28, 2016 | Fashion, Features

It is quite a smart move to have a really “punchy”dress in your wardrobe.The trick is to buy a gorgeous multifunctional dress and get multiple wear out of it. Our dress of choice would be FIA’s  gold foil and white coloured soft damask dress with an underlay of crisp white crepe stocking at Zinkata.

Here are 4 reasons why it’s our absolute go to dress for the exciting week ahead:

a. It is a fantastic buy! Great affordable price

b.It is such a stunning colour and automatically sets one’s complexion; be it warm or cool tones.

c.Can be dressed up or down: With heels for a wedding, party or a night out or with  no heels: slippers/sneakers/sandals or pumps for a casual day out.

d.It is made meticulously with love in Nigeria; What better time than now to invest in our local talent and boost our economy?

e. An extra reason here..It is a gorgeous dress! “Very Simply Put“.

See more photos below: img_0106

img_0053 img_0055 img_0070 img_0107

Have an awesome evening all.

For enquiries: Please contact us on Tel: +234 9090404886 and Email:Info@zinkata.com

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