Real Time, Real Decisions: Making Fashion Choices

Nov 10, 2015 | Beauty, Fashion

…. Real time.. Real decisions..

The days leading up to Christmas is filled with events and even more events. The right time to be super creative in your fashion choices.

I have been invited to the  International Women’s Society’s Annual November Luncheon. It starts for 11am and is a perfect opportunity to get super motivated, network and meet great women.

My thoughts towards my outfit: It should be professional but still striking enough to be identified as some sort of Fashion Professional.. I am faced with a minor Dilenma.. My Hair is in dire need of a wash/style..

What I decided on

Zinkata to the rescue..I stepped into Zinkata and bought(Oh Yes I did) a green skirt suit from Emmy Kasbit. 2 reasons prompted this impulse-buy:

  • Firstly, the price did not break my account.. not in the least.. Very nicely priced and can be styled in different ways and as seperates.
  • Secondly.. it’s the right style.. slightly formal,with a bit of funky accents

For hair..I went with the tried and tested  solution.. The Turban route…. but hang-on..this is a turban with a difference.. In the first place, it’s an Abaya Lagos by Salihat and the quality and fabric of their Turbans is super luxe..They are also very easy to wear and come in really great colours..

See photos Below:


IMG_2868 IMG_2867

IMG_2855 IMG_2856 IMG_2863




Skirt-Suit: Emmy Kasbit. Avaialable at Zinkata. Tel: +234 9090404886

Turban: Abaya Lagos ( Instagram Handle: ABAYA_LAGOS)

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