Aug 13, 2017 | Fashion

We all have the capacity for great genius.. You never know who the next big thing would be. How do I expand on this? The really geeky boy or girl you scoffed at “their  presumed lack of cool” may just end up becoming major trail blazers. Never ever underestimate anyone. Treat everyone you come across with the utmost respect and kindness.

I write here admitting to this because I now know better.  I have met some really amazing people, extremely smart people. Gifted, pushing the envelope and doing really well in their different places of work. Some of these people would never have had a squeak to speak up on about 10 years ago.

Life can really throw such surprising curves.. I try so hard to judge people based on my interactions with them, and their values and what they stand for and not based on an assumption or the value I think they can or can’t offer. I shall give an example of one of my guilty moments:

  • I once met a lady and she was really quiet; smiling shyly and had this really calm and simplistic expression on her face. She was dressed in a very classic and nondescript manner. We were introduced, but we never really got into any conversation. I honestly low-key judged her to be a terrible bore and someone I would have absolutely nothing in common with (Sigh). I met this lady again 2 years later and we had a chat! I was blown away! She was the smartest, nicest and wittiest person I had met in a long time as well as super decent! She was charting really impressive paths in her work front and had so much to share. I was once again shamed to admit I had read her wrong.

It goes on and on.. So many scenarios! So many mis-judged people. So many lost opportunities, so many drastically wrong assumptions. The truth is, everyone should be given a fair chance with an open heart until they prove they are well not worth your time. It is a disservice to us and others, when we judge by external appearance or by what we think the person is worth.

Let’s make meaningful interactions and form thoughtful friendships and associations! You may just be pleasantly surprised!

Have an awesome Sunday all.



Ezinne Chinkata


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