Jan 14, 2015 | Fashion

I wrote an article for the Un-official Christmas Party .  No Surprises Events, spear headed by Funmi Victor Okigbo organised a party called the “Un-official Christmas Party” for select companies. It was a great party and I had an article printed in the Magazine.. which was available at the event.. Please read.. You may find some points useful…

It was titled..SELF LOVE BEGETS PROGRESS and reads as follows…


The New Year is almost here and with it arrives fancy plans and promises. Some would probably read as follows:


  1. Work really hard and reach our optimum productivity
  2. Be the strongest contender for the next promotion
  3. Close bigger accounts
  4. Be happy
  5. Foster better relationships…

The list goes on…

While I can’t help you with resolutions such as promising to read your bible everyday or staying well away from Red velvet cup cakes (AS IF) .I could totally help or shall I say have some suggestions for your sartorial choices.

How we feel on the inside is doubly as important as what we wear on the outside. Wear your confidence like a badge of honour. Stand tall with a sure spark/fire in your eyes and a bright happy smile. Once that is the case, you would feel awesome in whatever you wear and project positivity.

You may not own the pointiest stilettos in the room, but the sureness in your stride, the competence in your actions and the soundness of your delivery would take you just as far as the fanciest suit. Believe strongly in your abilities, step out boldly and own the world.


These 5 pointers should score you some extra brownie points.


  1. Proportions: Know and understand your body type (pear shaped, hour glass or athletic build). Equip yourself with the knowledge and dress expertly to mask or highlight certain attributes. Cinch in that slim waist, mask the thickened waistline with a pretty peplum. It’s all about skilful adorning and projecting a flawless silhouette.


  1. Monotones: Sometimes sticking to just one colour from head to toe gives off an aura of power and absolute control. Nothing exudes super smarts and competence like an all black palette. Going the montonal route is super chic and quite fashionable. It is less distracting and gives you a calm neutral silhouette. (There are various colour options)


  1. Minimal makeup: Some of us practice our inner Picassos on our faces! Err.. Perhaps take it down a notch. For daytime, make-up should enhance our natural features, not actually alter them. We should look nice/Fresh, not with distracting bold colours or shiny heavy lip-glosses. It does not appear professional and is just not a nice look.



  1. The 3 R’s: “It’s Thursday morning and you are stuck in front of your closet with nothing to wear. There is a pretty black dress right in your periphery” Oh no! You just wore it last week Wednesday. It feels too soon to reuse it’s not! Throw it on proudly and accessorize smartly with a cute neckerchief, pearls or even a brooch. MASTER THE ART OF REUSING AND RECYCLING SMARTLY.
  2. Plan B: Zippers snap, buttons pop and tea spills on white blouses. Nothing should stand between you and a flawless silhouette as you make your way to that very important meeting. Have a complete Plan B outfit for unforeseen circumstances. BE PREPARED.





Ezinne Chinkata

Fashion/Image Consultant


Photo: Credit: Chloe Frederick Eze



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