Should we as thirty something year olds????

Jul 24, 2014 | Fashion, Musings, Trends

Every minute in different pocket squares and areas around the world, different Fashion concepts, ideas and styles are generated. Free to be imbibed, consumed and regurgitated into our various interpretations. With the mass of amazing trends to choose from, should we curb our selections solely to pieces society deems appropriate for our ages??

I am a Fashion girl in my thirties… I have read and heard countless arguments about “how this should not be tried in your thirties or thirty something year olds should never be caught dead in a long list of seemingly unsuitable items…” Most times, topping the list is cut-offs(jeans shorts).

This is my take on this…” wear what you feel comfortable in and what your body type permits.




I am wearing stonewash denim cut-offs teamed with a print shirt, white linen blazer and flat brow sandals.The lime green leather bag is from Nigerian Accessories Label Didi Isah by Didi Ocheja.


My brown sandals are from Top-shop.I chose them specifically for comfort and an easy laid back look. To be quite honest, I wasn’t going to wear cutoffs with super high heels(Too obvious)The key is to wear what you can carry off confidently.


What are your thoughts??? Should we ditch the teensy shorts in our twenties? Or never even wear them? Please! This article does not exclude my fabulous readers not in their thirties. It would be really cool to hear from all age brackets.

“If this article inspires you to break the shackles of society and do as your yearning heart pleases. Please remember to wear to the right occasion and place”

Have a bold day all!!



Photography: Kola Oshalusi

White Linen Jacket: Asos

Colourful Shirt: & other stories

Cut-offs: Top-Shop

Sandals: Top-Shop

Bag: Didi Isah

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