Smash your 2018 goals: Talk & Dress the Part

Sep 10, 2018 | Fashion

The Game is on and the year is slowly but steadily galloping to an end. Where are you with your goals? What have you achieved through the year? It’s never too late to end the year with a bang. Dress the part, Talk the part and Know your Stuff! This is my recipe for smiling  to the bank and hitting all your targets for 2018.Who’s in? Let’s go!

Err.. It’s not quite that easy I must confess.It takes being committed to the grind and working hard and looking super good whilst at it. We can point you through to some motivational posts to kick start your spirits right through to a victorious 2018.

We can also most definitely sort out the dressing the part aspect.Take for example this gorgeous Print dress with contrasting sleeves by the brand, Lotanna Akande, stocking at Zinkata. It matched quite perfectly with a tan Embellished Box Cutch by Dot Fashions  also available in store.

Keep clicking below for great tips??


I slipped into this dress and I automatically felt really good, bold and super sharp. I wish I had a super important meeting at that moment. Be very sure I would most definitely have made a great first impression, which goes a long way in setting the right tone for a successful meeting.It would be even more amazing if I did my homework (of course)  before the meeting and sounded even smarter than I looked. How awesome would that be?

Here are some tips for making sure you look the part at an important meeting.

  1. Keep a polished, neat and professional Silhouette
  2. Clothes should be clean and well pressed (Very important)
  3. Dress in the right styles for your body type
  4. Stay safe with trusted, punchy classics
  5. Choose comfort over style. How you carry the clothes matter. If you are uncomfortable it certainly shows.
  6. Opt for well cut and finished styles
  7. Own the look and embrace you!

Stop by Zinkata ,we shall guide you through to the right clothes for your body type, as well as the right clothes to make that great first impression.

Have a victorious rest of the year.


Ezinne Chinkata




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