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Trends change ever so often…and we are all for standing strong in our individual styles and staying true to our style aesthetics.. We also believe it is very important not to look absolutely dated.. and sort of take on the new trends as subtly as WE can..whilst not compromising on what we stand for.. How do we achieve this status of eternal coolness??

Well..we have 2 suggestions..

1. The occasional consultation with a stylist or Fashion Consultant.

2. Reading Fashion Magazines or visiting blogs/websites as often as we can..

Today’s post is largely about the image at the beginning of the post.

“Looking at the image.. What do you see”?

a. Running shoes/Sporty shoes

b. Ugly black and White trainers

c. Laid-back walking shoes

d. Really trendy shoes

Your reaction or opinion is well respected.. Well within your rights.. But how about if we say Sporty shoes are totally cool right now?? Not right now to be honest.. They have been cool  for a while… and it is really quite important for us all to be aware of this..

Sporty is the new cool..absolutely.. and they can be teamed with even the most unexpected pieces…

Take this image below for example:


It’s an image of a model in evening wear/ball gown..She added a cool and sporty vibe with a leather jacket and Converses.. This may be a bit extreme.. but we hope it has managed to ge our points across.. A sporty accessory adds a really cool current vibe to any old garment..

Sporty additions such as:

a. Face caps (Look great worn over really feminine looks)

b. Rucksacks/Knapscacks

c. Sporty pants/Shorts

d….the list goes on…


So..our lovely Zinkata readers.. Please do not cast a curious glance at “seemingly bewildering” sporty looks… They are totally the new cool and you should be totally on it!!


Have an awesome day all..



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