Styling A Civil Ceremony: Happy Zinkata Customers

May 29, 2015 | Fashion

Last week I walked into Zinkata and straight into the cutest couple ever.. (Edwin and Becky). Becky was shopping for a dress for their Civil/ Court wedding. A short discussion with both of them immediately revealed what ideas/brief they were working with:

  1. It was a very simple event
  2. They wanted pretty pictures.
  3. Edwin and Becky’s outfits should fuse nicely together


It was a fairly open brief and we immediately picked out options for the gorgeous bride with.

…These 3 guidelines

1. Civil ceremony..nothing too skimpy.. A punchy classic silhoutte.

2.Choose a dress that works quite nicely with a suit(Groom’s outfit)

3.Identify her body type and choose a timeless dress to suit her..

Eventually, we opted for a sleeveless Coral floral dress by Ukulele : a London based romantic contemporary brand. We loved how it cinched in at the waist and the knee length full skirt.. .. Luckily, her beau absolutely approved  !!!.. Zing!




They left quite a happy couple with us promising to send images as a guide for what the groom should wear..

These images sort of stood out for us..


Clean classic silhouttes for Edwin.. Becky’s dress we felt needed a fascinator and metallic shoes ..

See images below..

20150526-DSC_7767 20150526-DSC_7798 20150526-DSC_7845 20150526-DSC_7864 20150526-DSC_7876 ñdI¤l}’ÄH­×u5é…Uþ«kÿWÞ_¤Ÿoýñö½ÿ„ÿ+±·ÿÖâB§Oҁ™…}÷ɤ4”>æ_g+‹tåØ̺u„îÜÎôÁJÝ¿)`§‘tcOïuyÝŸóNU.nn¤{х¡“ógËZ¢8m1 ¾·A°Xî!çëõ˜šÿ±Ç£"=`¥Ú&·&—4éc’=Jã¹2E*0õ-®Úcê)"…i*mü˘Ø5˜³!!>L¸…&2…X«*ŸXTüìÑÈy¡gv§ŽàfUlÂÿxsò^¢7æ ëêîcôäÉú'Ñjzaäýç­ö?Øä&˜Åw¿üʱº›óÌÅ;5ëÄ*R§éÂ0Ê	‘zOæØ7‘¥ò]º1»Óý©ÈHôȄ!oŠ½~9>åÌÌDJ‰Ý¿ ôÒG§¡M¯íý{„`‹žÆ8㌢*;+Éviˎk3eâ‘=† 㴛ZÐ4ۋÓs ±³Ök$w0Hü£¦Ë¹¥?Øü9Yœ‡7 ãäÌì¼íæ-2+_k6êRF/­å–•®d¶>ÀEµðŸçã›m5˜Yæè5’ÉC’YæÝSZ¹òÃèôºæƒªÎÐÜ[ßZ“0ú}gø’í_OÒõ4¸™ºŽ¢ò‘nu+‡oHÂ#9øb^%™~Óþß×ÇS3:>ÕâJÅòyõ—徿}«®	‚IÜԘL(wø}?µþªænLÑÇ)ù¶Œàš’¬Ÿ•žf[±ot«nÊO¬ •¤úBÔÓÏ	ˆ)ÎÔmœÿʪÒ?êçýÇÕ?Þqö¿“ìÿÂæ?åÕ§Ç=Ïÿ×âp[ÜéV"Ùy´2É&àQ+Bw§ócè 'ûÓîeÐ v3£ÉÔ˛®+̌T#¬ióu§™›XßTˆ$/(TeBñXÊ «é§a›|Ya1@¸æRââJ4­_QÓ¼ÑµÄ BƒsIÕrXÕGo‹-27Ѭ%}Yv³ù§æ=AšÇÒ²IïŠKsu$r1€A$“P´^¿å.hN<sÏã. 8#øë›ã˄Çf!¨ê÷wsȬ Ðo€ý]XÔÔv]–¿L‰Åêâb"Hd‘^j0ÜÛjZ’âʋ{†@ï	‰@UPFüTå¹9ñî´BHðˆÃéú˜#[µÄ«4¶ŒñIÊrO`îBöãßâÿW7…4sÝ8ò®§•|ÓÙòÔ•_«)t%ÀëÉOU;§&Ž®òC‚cŽ,qä”%qæ›K揨ØêqDæê÷QÏu$|îñ*ñþµÇŽ`CE$ã!ÅâúqÇÓèêgDãþ7žþ“¼ÿ?OWí¿Úÿ|õþ÷6~OÿЁywJ¼ÊÑK¤Z‡²¼šH–òåãÞxÏ&^'uJ…¸æ¿9•	é.HKˆÚ½Å¿§EiQävԉ/]ÀÆfiµQ'žßÍp匞A¯«¼²²‚Ôûƒ@:“›1Þ×áK¹7Òek[¦z}ãFouÈ´t;²—¡û@ç=ÚQ”æ?y8Æ2úqzxÿ¬æiæ!`ÄHÿISJ³ÑbIn¦3KèõfŒªz’·Â1¨DÛlÈÔjrˆŒGO¯ø#þúMx£¹ZQªjڈc’(H¬ÒWˆÙiB*W1¥™ßV@2­/ü5¥yB[©uxòI}d´QÎQ! ¬YÆÛ¤o˜¹5$O—ú§ÓÑO‹þjP—…¼]J¥ƒÎʤ7>µ%Aý¡™sœˆáúZ è¯k C¨ë+kr·Z– R¿ÍB+û_g%Ñ ø¿œåi0“áþâ{–.´m[x,-ÖÚ5!e()Ș±ïã¾y*`½L#Ã1wšü¡WSK;°$ô†´Œ*”“û?e²ÍLx&k”št²3€³ê‡§‰Œ¯’lb­Ã¨?mc‘ïחûæ=$™w'zg‘¼·¬˜® ’ÚæDçÄ3<R"ý—PQ†ÜX­™81C%ÆC‰ÖêôÂ#ˆzœòÌ$Iå›oí/e—OŒêÆáVVy'*ˆ$u!ñAb#ýÜ=<ÎÉÿ20150526-DSC_7887 20150526-DSC_7893 20150526-DSC_7894 20150526-DSC_7899

Congratulations guys!!!!





Photography; STUDIO 24

Bride’s dress: Avialable at Zinkata

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