Styling Across Continents: Ekwy Nnene for eNCA South Africa

Aug 8, 2017 | Fashion

It is always such fun styling clients virtually! I absolutely love it! It is a bit of an exciting challenge trying to painstakingly visualise/ imagine what would work for them without the added advantage of being able to physically arrange a fitting. In this instance, I had a client with specific needs. Ekwy Nnene, who owns a range of amazing hair products called Equi Botanics. Sheis very passionate about helping Afro hair reach it’s maximum potential.


In Ekwy’s words: “I shall be filmed by eNCA South Africa and would be speaking about Natural Afro Hair and taking them on a journey on how we can thrive with our natural hair, despite how hard it may seem. The hair products would also be featured but most importantly I shall talk about the value of encouraging generations after us to love their own hair and be comfortable in it”.

This was the scope and nature of the brief I was working on. (Styling a client for a Tv interview /Filming)

Her Target: To wear a piece from a Nigerian Designer. She wanted a piece that would reflect her African Heritage whilst also being contemporary enough to appeal to the global market.

It was such an exciting brief and I ran with it wholeheartedly.

Points to consider: Ekwy was all the way in London. The success of this project depended largely on interpreting her style or style personality perfectly and providing a piece that would compliment her figure as well as fit in with all the requirements she had earlier stated.

First Call of Action: I asked Ekwy to send in as many photos of pieces that appealed to her. It was the perfect opportunity to map out her style leanings (Style Personality) and understand what sort of styles appealed to her.

Second Call of Action: I asked Ekwy to kindly send in as many recent photos of herself as possible, as well as her current size. This would enable me hazard a guess on her body type , as well as what colours would compliment her skin tone.

Third call of Action: I had an in-depth conversation with Ekwy, making sure I clarified on different questions  with regards her choices, understood clearly what she wished to achieve as well as being clear on budgets.

Armed with all these, I felt quite ready and headed out to find my client the perfect Dress.In hunting for the perfect dress, it is important  to go about it doggedly.. It was a bit tricky, because I was filled with so many options, so many gorgeous pieces by talented Nigerian designers. Still, I didn’t quite feel the sure fire conviction that any of them would be perfect. They all worked out averagely but were not quite perfect for the style and feel I thought would be perfect for her needs. I kept going!

Just as I was about to get into a bit of a mild panic, I stumbled upon the perfect dress . It was by a Nigerian label, Alter Ego. It was a truly gorgeous dress in a really pretty green print fabric. Alter Ego is quite well known for their interesting play on prints and for this particular dress, the fabrics prints were designed and produced by the brand themselves. Form fitting with a trendy cape as well as knotted draped detail in the front, it was perfect for Ekwy’s figure and for Tv.  It could fit into any grouping ; Tribal, Ethnic, Contemporary and so much more.

They had it in her size and I went ahead to send her a photo immediately. I did not purchase the dress right off the bat, because even though I felt it was perfect for Ekwy, I still needed her confirmation that I had interpreted her needs correctly and she was comfortable with the silhouette I had chosen for her. Pictures were sent with all the details. I patiently awaited her feedback, with fingers crossed.


It was a yes!! She absolutely loved the dress! We promptly arranged for speedy delivery and the first hurdle was done!

It was time for stage 2: Shoes and accessories. This is equally as important as the dress. The right shoes and accessories have the power to make or mar a look! Some factors influenced my choice of accessories and shoes,

A. I considered the important fact that she would be in a salon. (Her environment)

B.Extremely glam accessories were immediately disregarded.

It all came together eventually and Ekwy had quite a spectacular filming!

See photos below:


To learn more about Equi Botanics, see contact details below:

Instagram: @i_am_equi, @equibotanics




Ezinne Chinkata


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