My Sunday Style: SUNDAYS IN DC 15/10/2017

Oct 15, 2017 | Fashion

Hello all!!

How are you doing?? I trust we all had an amazing Sunday, filled with an abundance of Joy and God’s love. I am 5 hours behind and so a bit late with today’s post. I am currently in Washington DC and went as a guest to my darling friend, Orjiugo’s, church. It was a delightful Catholic Mass.

I shall start today’s post with what I wore to church and then follow up with a bit of the Gospel by the Priest.

Sunday Style: I wore a blue skirt by Gozel Green from my wardrobe, tucked it in to a blue vest and a blue knitted wrap around overthrow with irregular hem lines. I teamed it with black shoe booties and an orange fur fascinator by Itam Hats. The weather was lovely and I set off to church really excited.

The Gospel

I really enjoyed the Mass! The Gospel teaching was quite a brief yet impactful message. I was even more moved because it rang true to the last 2 sermons preached in my home church in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Priest started the mass with a rousing statement ” Today, I am calling us all to Reflect on how we share our time, talent and treasure with our  family, community and everyone around us.”. He then further expounded by saying the mass was a precautionary tale of turning down the invitation to join the banquet of God. and also asked another question,”who is worthy to be invited”? He also spoke about all the parables (WORKERS IN THE VINEYARD) in the bible  showing the in-group become the outsiders and how we need to rethink who are actually the children of God.

In his explanation, he cautioned us about being careful  on who we decide is worthy of our talent. Who do we discriminate against or exclude  based on their accents, race, socio-economic standing or who they love? We should love each other  regardless of who or what we stand for and give of our talents generously to those in need. Not when it is conveneint, but as a true example of true discipleship. Showing people that they are worthy of our time, worthy to be loved and giving wholeheartedly to the less privileged. If there’s a banquet, who do you invite? Who do you exclude?


He concluded by saying the Lord gave everyone of us different talents. We should go home and reflect on how we share our time, talents and treasure with everyone around us. Should we share it in a different way? Are we being true disciples of Christ?





Have a blessed week all,



Ezinne Chinkata

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