My Sunday Style: Sundays in Lagos 25/02/2018

Feb 25, 2018 | Fashion, Inspirational

My Sunday Style

I had quite what you would call a bit of a fashion situation this morning as we set off for Church. There I was, ready quite early in a matching top and pant set, by Lotanna Akande (available at Zinkata). I matched it with a blue/purple beret, matching bag and  sandals. A last minute look in the mirror before we set off got me yanking my beret off in quick time and swapping it for a gold turban. Let’s just say it didn’t feel quite right anymore! The downside to this swift change of outfit was; “I didn’t quite have the time to change my shoes to what I may have worn if the gold turban was the original plan”. Oh well, it really isn’t that serious right?

See photos below as well as my account of today’s sermon.

The Sermon

Today’s sermon was titled: Not by Might Nor Power. It was an easy sermon to grasp yet quite a powerful message.

It was an account of how the Lord saved Israel from captivity, all by himself. It was not by their power or might but by his spirit. Israel disobeyed God by not obeying the Sabbath day. The Lord had declared that their land should be left to rest every seventh year. They went against God’s word for 490 years and the Lord  punished them for 70 years, the years they failed to let the land rest.  The Lord  used King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon to fulfil his judgement on Israel.The King Nebuchadnezzar invaded Israel, in the most horrific manner and placed Israel  in Captivity in Babylon.

There was no army, no hope and no ally to help  Israel. When you are in captivity, you can only be rescued by the intervention of a few people or the intervention of a greater force. For Israel, none of this was in place and all hope was lost.They were in Captivity for 70 years. In fullness of time, God remembered them. Every physical battle is won in the Spiritual realm. King Cyrus was used by God to save the Israelites from the captivity of Babylon. When God remembers to fight your battle, he can use anyone or tool, including your enemies. A broader understanding of this message may be drawn by reading ( Jeremiah 25, Daniel 9 and Ezra 1)

From the sermon, the main lesson I took home from this, is the importance of obedience as well as relying not on my power or might but by the spirit of the Lord. (I most certainly will not want to be in the shoes of the Israelites). Also, it further opened up my eyes to the power of the spirit of the Lord. He is all knowing, all encompassing and merciful. We sometimes, try so hard to manipulate things to suit us and struggle with life’s challenges, on the other hand, we can take an alternative route by building up our spiritual life, nurturing a more intimate relationship with the Lord and allowing  the holy spirit to guide us.

We also read John Chapter 5 : The  man at the pool of Bethesda who was healed of an infirmity after 38 years.Do not give up no matter how long it takes!!

Are you struggling  and running out of Patience? Does it feel like the Lord isn’t hearing your prayers?? Do not give up dear one! Hold on fast to his word and in due time all will be fulfilled, according to his plan. Do not give up no matter how long it takes. One day the Lord will remember you.  “It’s not by your power nor by your might but by his spirt says the Lord”.( Zechariah 4:6)


Have a blessed week all!


Ezinne Chinkata


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