Sundays are Great Days…

Sep 14, 2014 | Fashion, WIWT

Hello Lovely people!!!

I hope we have all had a great week, regardless of whatever challenges life threw at us…

I am in major Praise and Gratitude mode… It has been quite a long and emotional week. An acquaintance..a Fashion Pr girl was shot/killed on her way to work.. The news sort of hit me really hard and spiralled me into a very dark and heavy place.May her soul find eternal rest.. I Wish her family strength and the peace of The Lord.

Unto lighter topics..I love wearing pieces by African Designers.. It has come to mean a lot to me..My biggest wish is to have the capacity to showcase a wide range of designers and African creatives on this platform at a huge frequency.. Baby steps.. We shall get there.. We have so much creative talent..So much Art to share with the global community..

Today.. I am wearing this really cute dress from Agu.. He is a pretty spectacular designer.. Agu has a penchant for really cute back details.. Take this dress for instance.. At first glance.. It is a pretty simple shift..  Which is what it is essentially..but with details, that sort of enhance the female form in a very understated sophisticated manner.. Genius! 




In this case, he went the extra mile with the “rear view” and added some extravagance to an otherwise simple modern shift.. 




For shoes..I went the upbeat sleek route with mixed black patent and suede shoes from Reiss.. and a vintage boxy bag.. image

It is such a multifunctional  dress.. and can be worn in a myriad of ways…

a.For Work.. Worn with a formal blazer over it..

b.Cocktails; with fancy heeled  sandals..

c. Informally; with flat shoes or slippers..

The list is endless…

Have  a great Sunday all and here’s to a truly amazing week!

Much Love..


Ezinne Chinkata

Photography: Kola Oshalusi

Dress: Agu

Shoes: Reiss

Bag: Vintage

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