Superstition or Plain Ole Co-incidence…

Feb 4, 2016 | Fashion

Good morning all…So this  just happened..

I woke up, bright and early.. 5am.. with grand ideas of going for a “swim” before heading out really early.. I got up… and got back into bed.. Got up again.. and got back into bed… Then I had a strong urge to go swimming again..

I gave myself a little pep-talk.. I said ;”Ezinne, just go and swim.. Once you start it won’t be that hard… etc…”Fitness Goals“..

Then I brought out my swimming cap, tried to pull it over my head and it snapped in half! “Mock horror, confusion and then Joy”.. I went back to bed and decided to read it as a sign that “today.. the elements for some reason are against my swimming“..

Or in more Christian form.. “The Lord is sending me a sign”..

What are your thoughts?? Do you believe in signs?? Or is it plain ole coincidence or the case of just a wonky swimming- cap.. Would love to hear from you!




Ezinne Chinkata

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