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Survival Hack!!!: “How to Cope with Fuel Scarcity”

May 26, 2015 | Fashion


Today’s post is inspired by my reality and all going on around me.. I reside in Lagos, Nigeria. At the moment we are going through very trying times, a result of severe Fuel scarcity.. I won’t try to go all political on you all and delve into the reasons for the fuel scarcity.. I will only try to discuss ways to cope with it and survive while it goes on.. Luckily. the strike has been called off and we should be looking forward to things coming to normalcy pretty soon.. In the meantime.. Here are 5 tips for coping with the fuel scarcity…

Do not be disconsolate

I am a strong believer in not beating ourselves up about a situation we can’t change.. “Is that the cowardly way out??” No, I do not believe so..We all hope for change in Nigeria.. and pray for a better nation.. and know for sure that the situation of things are not right.. but while this is on.. We must train our minds not to be defeated by the turn of events and plod on with a positive spirit.. Stay happy.. Complaining bitterly about the government would solve nothing..Approach each day with joy and positivity and remain grateful.


One of the toughest implications of the fuel scarcity is “immobility”.. We are unable to get to our various destinations.. But!..”All hope is not lost“.. Focus on  what you need to achieve and start working on them from home.. You may be pleasantly surprised..and end up achieving so much more than you thought you could away from the office.. You may have your most productive week yet.. There is always a solution..focus on what needs to be done and think of creative ways of achieving them..


We are super busy daily..always on the go.. There is never enough time to stop and breathe. This is a great time to realign your spirit; Pray/ Meditate..Totally great for the soul.. Also a great time to focus on all we want to change in our lives and around us.. and start channeling our minds in that direction..  Pray earnestly for Nigeria and the people..

Bond with Family, Friends and Neighbours

When was the last time you had a proper chat with your neighbour?? Or invited them all for drinks.. or played a really fun game with your significant other.. Or lazed in bed with your loved ones?? Or tickled your kids?? So much catching up to do.. Re-build relationships and rekindle dwindling fires..


The reality is: There is no fuel.. We can’t power our freezers, we have no electricity for our evenings.. It trickles into so many other facets of our lives.. How do we cope??

1. FOOD: Cook in really small quantities.. To avoid wastage..Make only what you need to eat. Do not stock up on perishable items.. Irrespective of how great the deal/price is..

Research and think up creative ways of preserving your perishable items: Such as:

a.Meat/Fish and other products should be dried.. (Oven or roasted)

b. Using up some of them to make alternative dishes

Water: Save up on as much water as you can…

A. Do not leave your tap running whilst brushing.. Fill up a cup with water instead and use wisely..

B: Fill up your buckets and Cans and use water very sparingly..

C: Be careful and make sure to avoid water poisoning if you have to go to external sources for water (Boil drinking water)


Rechargeable lamps and torches come in very handy..

Do not loathe the darkness.. Revel in it and play games in your head.. WE MUST SURVIVE.




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Have a blessed week all!!


Ezinne Chinkata


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