Jun 19, 2015 | Fashion

I dressed up in a mad rush… It was a very sporadic pairing..Yet I was sure footed in my choices.. It was one of those classic. situations. “Late for work.. Can’t be late.. Pull out classic staples.. Wear Bright shoes and head out!!!

Safely ensconed  at the Boutique…I finally took a proper assessing glance at my image and realised my choice of foot wear: Hot Pink Carvela sandals, were a wee bit shy of being wrong for my skirt length..

For 3 minutes it ate at me.. like totally.. Till..I decided to shrug it off and wear it with.. ‘Swag“.. Swag is street language.coined from Swagger..(Dictionary Definition: walk or behave in a very confident and typically arrogant or aggressive way)..

My own definition is really just owning a situation and carrying it with confidence..cool..style..swag.. LOL.. REGARDLESS.

It was a really awesome day at the store.. and I didn’t let a little almost “off shoe style” wreck my day.. To be honest it could have.. if I had dwelt on it.. It may have affected the positivity of my stance or my confidence in dealing with my wonderful customers..


Moral of todays fashion post:  Most situations are actually workable.. It is never really that serious.. SHOW UP..AND MAN UP!



IMG_6654 IMG_6671 IMG_6675 IMG_6683 IMG_6686 IMG_6694

Have a very blessed day all..

Keep reaching for your goals.. one step at a time…



Ezinne Chinkata

Bag: Zashadu

Skirt: Alter Ego

Shoes : Carbela

Black Jacket: Aqua by Aqua


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